Critter & Guitari Organelle


my first “ah ha!” moment with monome came once I plugged a Pocket Piano with USB midi into polygomé. I guess it’s a lot cleaner working with euro in a single box, but as I’m starting learning synthesis for the first time I really love having my computer be the intermediary between my monome and hardware synths. am very excited to hear what you do with that nord!


as am I!


Not as much as I am, believe me!


I use my monome to control a vermona perfourmer MKII, and that’s actually one of my main use for it, but I don’t make videos and that’s a studio setup only, for live use it’s laptop + monome so… It’s an invisible process. But it’s there!


Ha! I seriously considered the perfourmer (I’ve been looking at it ever since the Mk2 came out) but ended up plumping for the nl3 instead for the polyphony and interface.

Anyway, back to the organelle…


Can you tell me more about this? A question from the Critter & Guitari forum:


You may have inspired me. I’ve been eyeballing them on ebay. Those LED-ringed encoders!



anybody else have an organelle?


I just got myself an organelle today! Any news =) ?




I noticed that too and am glad you linked to it

haven’t tried anything in that realm but might just plug the 128 in and see what happens


It does require installing serialosc/libmonome on the organelle, and it doesn’t quite appear to be working just yet.


Hi all. :slight_smile: Thanks @jasonw22 for cross posting. libmonome and serialosc seem to be installing just fine, but I’m still working on talking to the monome hardware.

When I run serialoscd I get:

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Still digging for the solution…

If anyone has familiarity with setting up their monome on arch/arm7l (which is also the organelle’s OS), give a holler!


There is this thread:

paging @wrl


I saw that, thanks! I can get serialosc and libmonome installed just fine, but I have yet to connect to a monome with either option. Is there something special I need to do to “open” the serial port? Scratching my head a bit. The monome is showing up on /dev/ttyUSB0


tybg. if this becomes reality i’m gettin an organelle asap.


Well, I’ve got LED’s lighting up so… it’s close!!! I will publish a README when it’s ready.

The Organelle is such a sweet little thing! It’s so fun to use. I love that you can plug a monitor into it and edit your PD Patches as you play. Really lovely workflow. :thumbsup:


Really exciting stuff. My interest in the organelle was sparked by the thought of grid/arc interaction.

Another thing that just crossed my mind, is it possible to use the ableton link pd patch on the organelle. I suppose it doesn’t really matter unless the organelle con handle wifi, which I sorta assume it can’t but don’t have the specs memorized


no wifi that I’m aware of @rdfm


@rdfm @glia The Organell supports wifi just fine! I SSH into it to update my scripts from my main dev computer. In fact, I have it mounted as an SSH share at this very moment…