Crossing Streams exhibition


I want to thank the many musicians who contributed to the Crossing Streams exhibition, which was a collaboration with Naviar Records and supported by the Disquiet Junto.

You might remember that in late July and August there were five haiku shared by Naviar, with the fifth poem about Poison Waterholes Creek shared by Disquiet as part of their Junto projects.

Over 70 tracks were contributed as a result of those five haiku and there’s over five hours of music included in the exhibition at the Narrandera Arts and Community Centre here in New South Wales, Australia.

As the gallery is open 11-4 this means that most of those tracks will be heard each day. They’re on shuffle on the playback and also on ipad for visitors to explore.

At the opening we had this live performance of the song that Narrandera-based composer Fiona Caldarevic wrote in response to Sue Killham’s poem.

Thanks again for contributing your time and talents!

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This is super. Thanks so much for showing us what came of it.