^^ crow 1.0.2

crow 1.0.2

Crow speaks and listens… now to many more partners! This update focuses on the ii digital communication system, enabling crow to speak to new devices. Communication is now more reliable and simplifies a few previously necessary workarounds. On-board pullup resistors are now enabled by default so you should no longer need to worry about their function (don’t worry it’s totally safe!).

Further developments on the ii system are in the works, but we wanted to get this into your hands sooner than later.

TIP: If you’re using one of the new devices, try using the on-board .help() function on the device, eg ii.txi.help(). This will print the complete list of supported functions for that device to your console / the Max window / maiden.

To update crow, follow the instructions on the update page.

crow 1.0.2

II system updates:

  • NEW ii devices supported:
    • ER-301: explore with ii.er301.help() @ioflow (and the testing crew!)
    • TelexI: ii.txi.help()
    • Ansible- Levels: ii.levels.help() @rbrt
  • NEW if no pullups are detected, crow prints a user warning suggesting ii.pullup(1)
  • FIX i2c pullup resistors are enabled by default.
  • FIX Just Friends ii.jf.retune command now works correctly.
  • FIX Ansible channel indices are now 1-based
  • FIX ii commands are buffered to allow sending up to 16 messages at once


  • NEW delay(action, time, repeats) function allows a provided function to be executed in the future, with an optional number of repeats (default 1). @damon @csboling

Oh man, the retune on JF is HEAVY, can’t even handle the ER-301 stuff yet, haha.

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retune is super heavy, i will try and get the rest of the ansible ii file prepared by the next release

edit : never mind, it was my cables that were not working. So excited to dive deep into the norns+crow+er301 combo.

How can I verify that my er301 is receiving my ii messages from druid? Do I need to enable the JF slave and add in the SC.TR unit, or am I doing this incorrectly…

Does this firmware fix the issues with JF polyphony? My main interest with crow is that one with the added bonus of the cv/trig outs.

Yes it does. You can send up to 16 i2c messages in a row now. Works great for playing all 6 voices!