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@junklight Have you updated to crow 2.0? I just did one of mine and druid, and my TXi’s aren’t responding to the new gets, seemingly? My TXi’s have been a bit wonky tho, so I just want to sanity check to see if yours are working.

I’ve been running off of the dev branch - haven’t had any issues but not used it for a few days either. I can check later on (various meetings all day but once I’m free I’ll look)

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Thanks. I just put my TXi into debug mode, and they’re recieving the calls, but crow doesn’t seem to be getting it back. I upgraded because I’ve been having intermitent errors where the communication between the devices seems to halt after running for a while. crow still keeps chugging along, but the knobs no longer affect things. Hoping the update might address this somehow, but need to get it working again first to figure out whether that’s the case! :sweat_smile:

edit: I’m not sure what I did, but it seems to be working now. Communications issue is still happening, but they’re talking again.

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ok just updated to the tag 2.0.0 in the repo (so “git pull origin 2.0.0” then make and make dfu to install)

I had to update the script I was testing with (event.name == “param” rather than event == “param” ) but all seems to be working as expected now


Is there an update for Druid that needs to be done for crow 2.0?

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you don’t need any update - but make sure you have the most recent one (“pip install monome-druid” ) because there are some nice autocomplete features in the last release


*edit I got it sorted. I just needed to upgrade pip itself. I’m assuming 1.12.0 is the recent druid?

when I typed that command in I got this message below.

You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.
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I think you need to run pip install --upgrade monome-druid to tell pip you want to update an already installed package. Updating pip should not be necessary but shouldn’t hurt anything either. I believe the current druid version is 1.0.0. You should be able to check what you have with druid --version.


Wanted to ask if there’s anything I need to know while setting up an i2c connection between crow and w/.
Haven’t used i2c before. Do I just plug it in and have fun? :slight_smile:

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You will need to activate the pull-ups on crow in that two-module configuration. And then yes, all you need is a cable for the three pins of the I2C header.

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Just FYI, pullups are on by default (since v1.0.2) so you can just connect and you’ll be good to go!


I was wondering what this means for when you connect two crows to each other. Should one of them have the pullup disabled?

Nice! Thanks for the help. Excited to check w/synth tonight!

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No everything is just fine! In general, pullups should be a non-issue moving forward except in some extreme cases (eg: where you have 4+ Telex modules on the bus).

OK, clear. Thanks a lot!

Just installed 2.0 and seem to be having issues with Just Friends i2C. Worked fine before the update.

When I engage the toggle on the jf_synth m4l device i occasionally get a quick tone and a flick of the lights on the module (so there does seem to be some sort of communication here) but then the module doesn’t respond to any midi info.

Similarly if i connect Norns to crow and try to run a script in JF_i2c mode (i.e. with Awake or Less Concepts) i’m not getting any response from JF.

using anything that works with the cv outs like dual / first / less concepts on the norns in crow cv mode is working fine.

confirmed crow is on version 2.0.
m4l devices are the new updated ones.
norns was updated this morning.

Any ideas?

maybe a just friends update :thinking:

There is a forthcoming Just Friends update, but I just checked and crow 2.0 is working just fine with the current JF firmware (3.1.2). Seeing the flick of the lights means the i2c link is working just fine. Are you sure nothing else has changed in the system?

I’d say wait for the new JF firmware, but it almost certainly won’t fix this. I’d like to make sure we haven’t broken something in the m4l and/or norns support, but I don’t have either available to me for the next 2 days.

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Just updated to JF firmware 4.0 and it seems to have fixed the issue.

Not sure why the last firmware wasn’t working with Crow 2.0 but all is working now.

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