^^ crow 2.0+ help: general (connectivity, device q’s, ecosystem)

Sounds like you may need to force the bootloader. I’ve done this a few times when the Crow locks up, especially after running a script that pushes close to the kB limit.


No Crow mostly works fine. I mean if I power up my rack with the USB cable connected, crow doesn’t come up in its user script and won’t connect to druid. If I unplug the USB cable, the user script will start running, and upon reconnecting the cable, I can connect to druid. Sorry I should have specified USB cable in my previous post. I’d prefer to leave Crow connected to USB 100% of the time.

This is the first time i’ve heard of this happening. To be clear, this is not the correct operation (it shouldn’t matter whether crow is attached via USB). Can you tell us more about your setup so we can try and reproduce the behaviour?

What OS? What computer? Are you using any adaptors / dongles / hubs to connect? Is there anything connected to the I2C port on crow? Can you try clearing the script (with ^^c) and see if that allows druid to connect on boot? Are you running any virtual machines on your computer? Which terminal / shell program are you using? What version of crow firmware are you using (check with ^^v)? Is it a brand new crow?

One of the things I think people miss when developing scripts is the difference between the r and u commands in Druid. I often got my Crow in a bad state that needed a reset rather than a power cycle.
If you are developing use run (r) until you are sure you are done, the script works and is stable and you want to have the script run on start (u)



I am on Win10, and using powershell (integrated with VS Code) to connect.

Crow is connected to the machine via a powered USB hub (Anker). Other things connected to this hub are a Roland TR-09, Keith McMillen K-Mix, and 8bitdo M30 controller.

Crow firmware is 2.2.0.

Crow is connected to TXi via i2c, and TXi is connected to Teletype. Teletype is also connected to ER301.

When I power the case, I get a chime in windows notifying me of the new usb connection. However, neither the first script or the user script come up. If I unplug the USB cable, Crow will begin executing it’s user script. Also, if start druid before un-pluging and re-plugging the USB cable, crow won’t connect.

Once I unplug the USB cable, everything works great

EDIT: So after messing with the USB hub, it now works. It must have been something with the hub. Apologies for wasting everyone’s time.

EDIT EDIT: no it is still happening. Not sure what the issue is…

Hi all, posting here as well in case this has more visibility.

My crow appears to have totally stopped sending or receiving i2c information. I’ve tried it with Just Friends, sweet sixteen (eurorack 16n) and disting EX. All with a 3 pin ribbon cable, not a txi. I’ve tried a few different cables, racks and power supplies.

Crow connects to norns and druid without issue, and I can interact with the analog i/o, but any ii.blank.get() function returns nil. The Disting EX “i2c history” doesn’t show any information on the bus.

Crow could tell if the cable was plugged in the wrong way (“lines are low” error) but yeah, isn’t sending or receiving i2c messages apparently. ANy thoughts here…? I think I’ve tried everything I know how to! Thank you in advance!

Hi all, I’m fairly new to both Crow and Teletype, as well as i2c in general, and I was wondering if it would be possible to trigger TT scripts over i2c via Crow (for example originating from a Norns script)? I don’t see TT in the ii.help() output, so does that mean it’s currently not possible/implemented?

This is not possible because Teletype cannot be sent instructions (it always leads the ii bus).

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Would you be able to work around this by having teletype look up values from crow and trigger scripts that way? Idk if that makes sense, i don’t know much abt crow but I’d like to get one to trigger TT scripts w norns+grid kind of like you would w ansible. If that’s possible

Teletype could poll crow on a metro. Crow is a leader and a follower.

If you explain more of what you’re hoping to accomplish, we’d have a better shot at suggesting what your options might be.

In general Teletype is intended to be driven by it’s trigger inputs or it’s internal metros - not unlike crow! An important distinction is that crow’s inputs handle a full range of CV (Teletype isn’t really designed around responding to its CV input or Param knob), so you can do much more sophisticated processing of crows inputs than what Teletype was designed to do.


And polling the metro would allow them to sync via ii, right?

What I’m trying to do is trigger teletype scripts w norns ports of like meadowphysics earthsea and kria like you would w ansible. I have to choose between getting ansible and crow+norns and it seems like crow+norns is the best choice bc you can use all the sequencers ansible has but then also MLR and Cheat Codes etc etc. I also have a grid on the way and the idea of norns+grid being a super portable standalone workstation as well is skewing my decision in that direction.

But I realized I could do ii control with crow, sync it with TT(either by polling crow’s metro, an ext clock to both, or a tr out on TT to crow’s input) and do any other TT weirdness I need in sync w everything so that I’m not doing all of my sequencing on TT. Right? Idk I’m v new to this.

You don’t poll the metro on crow, per se. (Also, I’m not actually sure of the status of the Teletype implementation at the moment.) In general, an ii leader can call a crow function that’s setup to listen for an ii call:
ii.self.call1 = function(value) ...do stuff... end
The number there specifies the number of arguments.

You could use that for a clock; I do that between crows. But you could also use a trigger from TT to crow. If you’re just looking to sync stuff from norns that shouldn’t be especially difficult. Teletype would be more complicated, and I’m still not quite clear what you’ve got in mind from your descriptions. There are lots of ways to sync things, and given the nature of these tools, it will be up to you to define how that happens - but there some distinct limits for the devices and protocols. Once you have something more specific you’re trying to figure out, we can try to help you figure it out.

I guess I’m being a bit vague because the main question I’m asking is whether or not crow+norns can cover all or most of ansible’s functionality, without too much intense coding, when used in conjunction w teletype.

For example, triggering TT scripts w grid using the norns port of kria or meadowphysics, instead of ansible.

I’m just trying to make sure I won’t screw myself over and end up wanting ansible if I get crow+norns. Especially since I know little to nothing abt computer science(tho I’m hoping that will change, maybe bc of crow+norns?).

I think you’ll get 95% of ansible functionality with norns + crow (plus a huge range of things not possible with only ansible. The workflow is quite different though, and there’s obviously more cables & connectivity to worry about vs the relatively simple ansible setup.

afaik ansible can’t communicate to TT unprompted, so you’d likely end up patching a trigger out from ansible back to TT to trigger events. You can of course do the same thing with crow. Perhaps there is some value you could poll very rapidly on kria, and if that’s the case you could script up crow to do the same thing (though it would be a little more work).

Ansible is great if you want a fun & immediate platform to learn. Crow + norns if you want something extensible, with a lot more options, but more moving parts and complexity.


Just got my brand new Crow a few days ago. Tried a few sequencers together with Odessa+Hel, and everything was off key. Both Flora and Awake was doing eerie, dissonant music. Found out about cal.test() late last night and now everything seems to be fine and dandy :slight_smile:

Crow is currently sending a solid 9.96v out of every output, and won’t connect to norns or my computer. How might I troubleshoot?

Have you tried the manual “Force the bootloader” step here?

I’ve had to do that once, but it did work!

Yeah, I just tried that unsuccessfully. Going to give it one more shot.

Edit, yeah, terminal is printing: dfu-util: No DFU capable USB device available

Going to try the ultimate troubleshooting maneuver. That’s right…I am going to restart my computer.

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Huh. Bummer. Have you had any USB connectivity issues with crow before? I certainly hope you’re not having two issues as once!

edit: In the also-probably-not-it troubleshooting category, you could try to make sure dfu-util is up to date?

I sure haven’t. But it’s inability to connect combined with the erratic voltage output makes me think something is wrong.

Edit, just got connected to druid somehow!

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