Crow.adsr Issue

I’m trying to create a fairly basic keyboard patch to play MIDI from Max through Crow. Everything seems fine when using trigs (pulses), but I’m struggling with how to work with crow.adsr. Any advice would be much appreciated!

As I understand it, the crow.adsr object gets a note on (begin attack) when the trigger is activated, and a note off (begin release) when the trigger is turned off. Instead I get unpredictable behavior, most often having the envelope release next time the trigger is turned on. Is this expected? Does adsr expect a 2nd trigger on to indicate release?

I’m also getting some errors in Druid that I couldn’t find any information about. I’ve attached screenshots below of Druid and a Max print from crow.adsr, but basically Druid is saying:

[string “eval”]: 2 unexpected symbol near ‘`’
[string “eval”]: 2 unexpected symbol near ‘0’

on some key presses. The specific number changes. The Max output looks reasonable except maybe for the true and false output values. This problem persists when I output directly from the crow.adsr help patch instead of the the patch that I’m working on. Occasionally I also get a message from crow saying !chunk too long!

Edit: I’m on MacOS 10.15.4 and Max 8.1.4

Couple quick things. Firstly, having druid & max open at the same time will cause issues where messages from crow will only get sent to one or the other.

Regarding the max patch, could you post the maxpat so we can see if there’s a patching issue, or if there might be a problem with the crow/max libraries?

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Thanks so much! Sure thing, here’s the Max patch. It’s quite a mess but all of the crow stuff is in the bottom left.

Grid Keyboard.maxpat (153.6 KB)

Sorry, missed reattaching the message to toggle off. Here’s the proper version:

Grid Keyboard.maxpat (154.0 KB)