Crow -- dreaming of



Oh me too!
Every night Im visited by that black bird whispering sweet nothings.


A link to the original announcement.


Re-reading that last part has me really intrigued. Can take itself on its own adventures? :thinking:


I wonder if you can load your own functionality to it?


2018: what is Lua?
2019: [fluently writing scripts that control multiple musical systems] the future


the hints at crow in this episode had me very intrigued. “clusters of code” !!! what!? sounds cool. thats for sure


that podcast is fantastic. Feels like it should be pinned at the top of the forum, given a great many of us would be interested in it, rather than buried in this unassuming thread :slight_smile:


What do you mean!?!
… unassuming.



Great podcast @darwingrosse ! I wasn’t at all aware of Art + Music + Technology. Looking forward to checking out the other many episodes.


My uninformed, uneducated guess would be that Crow allows for an additional layer of lua scripting that handles the behavior of the CV ports, with or without norns/grids plugged in. Which could kinda be a constellation of functionality in itself. I’m getting psyched


I religiously listen to a+m+t and somehow missed this! Thank you for the repost.


Urban crows like to nest on electric transformers and will often use wire hangers or fiberoptic cables as building materials for their nests.

…something I just learned.


Wow, I’ve seen this around my town. I didn’t realize it’s the crows (that are also abundant in these areas).


… crow coming!


Rare pic of me ready to rock out




the hints in the art music technology podcast seem like crow will do some really cool unforeseen stuff. i wonder if it will do something simpler too though, like give norns midi to cv capabilities. cant wait to see!! :eyes::popcorn: