Crow -- dreaming of


Couldn’t help but think of what’s to come when reading this:

Most people are aware of the fact that crows are very smart birds. They can use tools, plan ahead, remember things, and even communicate these things among themselves.

To communicate with other devices, these machines use light signals. The crows embed pieces of reflective material in special communication stalks, and the insects aim these to reflect light at another nest, encoding data as a sequence of quick flashes. This means that only nests that have an unbroken visual connection can communicate.

Quotes from Eloquent JavaScript -


modular / monome / meme


Every time I see a picture of a crow, I want to tag Tehn. :laughing: I’m one of those noisey ones, cawing for the unknown thing.



I feel inexplicably uncomfortable and bad for the bird.


crow passenger


at first I thought that was a crow tie…


Couldn’t help but notice this pop up in my github feed this morning…

:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:


I was intrigued by the following statement in the

At it’s most basic, crow can be treated as a simple expander for the i2c bus. It provides 2 inputs & 4 outputs to extend teletype’s IO capabilities. To use these no changes are required to the default setup on crow.

This suggests that a Murder of Crows might be a real thing.


The detail in the specs about MIDI input is nifty:

crow is many things, but here’s some starters:

  • Eurorack module. 2hp. +60mA, -15mA (TODO confirm).
  • Hardware i/o: 2inputs, 2outputs, 16bit, [-5v,+10v] range
  • Full lua environment, 64kB of local script storage
  • USB device, for communicating text(!)
  • i2c leader & follower, multiple crows can share responsibilities
  • MIDI input on TRS cable (top-most input only)


Hmm, having Crow trigger Teletype scripts in response to MIDI notes would be pretty cool…

Using a Teletype interface as a terminal for Crow over i2c would also be kind of nifty, but I’m not going to assume that’s in the cards :wink:


Well, now everyone is on high alert for an “Approaching: crow” thread.


these intersections of poetry + practicality are exactly what I love about whimsical + monome:

A primary concern is thinking about how the syntax or lexical structure of ASL could be refined to speak more directly to melody and rhythm.

The idea is that of ‘algorithmic waveforms’ where modulations are built-in to the waveform descriptor.

That is, waveforms where their behaviour changes over time according to some context. The logical extension of algo-waves is that of ‘behavioural waveforms’ or the category of ‘behavioural synthesis’. In this case the aforementioned ‘context’ would be based on an ‘environment’ shared across the synthesis platform.

absolutely stoked for how this ecosystem will continue to deepen + re-define synthesis.


Standalone crows, hhmmmm, interesting.



So much there!

I can practically hear it/them coming…


I am ready for this.




Take a look at jf.lua as an example which adds support for mannequins’ ‘just friends’ module.



Please forgive my complete coding-illiteracy, does this mean that you could run existing norns scripts verbatim on crow?


I believe this is meant to suggest that crow has a mature Lua environment, not that it has 1:1 capabilities of norns. e.g. it’ll likely be able to be coded with the same dialect as norns vs being able to run mlr.lua.

though, that would be amazing :heart_eyes: