Crow -- dreaming of


the slashes definitely differentiate ASL (Americans Sign Language) from a/s/l (age sex location) in how I (and a google search) recognize them, hence my use of the latter in a previous comment.

I think the joke comes through more clearly that way, too :slight_smile:





I like the SLANG suggestion, but also immediately think of this when seeing a discussion involving crows and a special language:

… the language of the birds was considered a secret and perfect language and the key to perfect knowledge, sometimes also called the langue verte , or green language …


one additional delicate wrinkle is that the word slope is also used as a racial slur and while it has never leapt out at me before in synthesis contexts as such (like DUSG), something about “a slope language” twinges my spidey-sense (so to speak) from that angle and may lead to unpleasant jokes or other unintentional alienation.



There’s so much great information in those readme’s


I’m wondering if crow, given that it talks I2C, will allow one to connect a control surface (e.g., an 16n) to it and then allow that surface to talk to another I2C-connected device (e.g., an ER-301)…


This is a common use case I see playing out. Similar to Norns -> Crow -> Just Friends


Definitely! And I can’t wait to try it :grinning:


How deep is that in comparison to w/ ?


To my eyes it looks like it’s exactly the same depth. I could be wrong though.


very excited about this - like the idea of being able to specify ‘event’ types based on input - this seems like it will be an essential addition to the teletype ecosystem & an interesting bridge to Norns

got some money set aside for this…hope it’s out soon


Haven’t even gotten my Norns in the mail yet and I’m excited about this


Will it have a black or silver panel (or both!)? I’ve only seen black so far.


I don’t think it’s black, it looked like it has the same treatment as norns’ aluminium shell


looked darker to my eyes
but it doesn’t really matter

i’d prefer the dark panel but will buy regardless if the pricepoint is reasonable


Looks black or slate grey to me, but lighting can play tricks on us.


Is this going to be the Lines version of “is the dress blue or gold?” :laughing:


is the crow brushed natural aluminum, brush slate grey aluminum, or brushed black aluminum?


im just holding out for the brushed rose gold :v