Crow -- dreaming of


its black. like a… crow.


not that it matters, but it looks to me to be the same finish as norns with a machined relief rather than printing.


Well, my guess is (uneducated at best) that crow would be i2c master. Thus providing 200 gates/cv’s to the 301. Also I’m wondering if I read somewhere that it’s possible for a device to be able to switch from i2c leader/follower like Rene v2’s select bus behavior? I dunno. Always hard to find stuff on lllllines for me. Even when I’ve already seen it. Norns 2.0 sounds promising, though, insofar as pulls/ease of use…
I’m hoping personally that crow does something my shuttle control doesn’t do. So I can buy it of course!!

My dream is to be able to have a script instantiate recursion insofar as gate/cv creation in the 301, so you could have 100 sine waves be added 1-100 with just a trigger, but without first creating 100 sines in the 301. I know it won’t happen.

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I wish all my modules looked this good

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what y’all can’t see is that it’s not actually a plate— it’s a milled block with integrated angle mounts…

soon soon soon (says the person who begins shipping arcs tomorrow!)


All together now!



I feel like the shirtless man in this photo. I support this, I don’t really ~get~ it, but I want it, and I’m glad to be here.



Hardware i/o: 2inputs, 4outputs, 16bit, [-5v,+10v] range

--- A Slope Language
-- A tiny DSL for describing envelopes and LFOs for musical applications
-- Focused on declarative syntax, and providing an abstraction layer
-- between hardware implementation of slewing & shaping.

my question is, could an asl shape on crow output a 16-bit wave at audio rate ?


@mlogger dropped some info on instagram (formatting mine for legibility):

It doesn’t look like much, but it’s a potential game changer. It’s called crow. it’s a collaboration with #mannequins and #monome.

it’s 2hp, 2in / 4out (bipolar) with USB device input. it’s chainable (internally) and has i2c. Its the i2c bit that’s important. It’s used to connect #Norns to your #modular (and other computers) will use it to speak CV, but it also speaks lua. It has #Ableton and #Max integration for the modular. It means you can connect Monome Norns via i2c to #Teletype, #Ansible, Just Friends, er301, 16n faderbank and also use the physical ins/outs to control your regular non i2c modules but also communicate with other computery code things, like these…

A max object called [crow] is included in this project, though in future will be included in the Max distribution. It is a thin layer over a [serial] object which communicates to crow. The [crow] object accepts specific messages to query inputs, set functionality, and drive outputs. Additionally chunks of lua code can be sent directly to the object to control crow in a totally open manner.

The object then returns the default events (inputs, trigger events, timers etc) in a form easily integrated into a Max patch. A simple usage would send new values to the output jacks, and turn on ‘change’ mode for the inputs such that bangs are received when the inputs pass a threshold.

Leveraging the above max object, a set of #Max4Live devices will soon be created enabling some simple yet powerful interfacing between Ableton and a modular #synth.

Initially these will be focused around using Ableton as the center of a system:

  • Creating clocks, and clock-synced ramps
  • Automatable CV outputs with variable smoothing
  • Recording CV inputs as MIDI
  • Using CV inputs to remote-control Ableton

In future this could be extended to allow the modular to drive Ableton directly via clocks, but perhaps some other parameters too. We’re hoping some more active Ableton users will help extend these ideas, if not the implementation.

Standalone mode is intended to let crow perform functions without needing to connect to a host device. To support this, the user can upload scripts to crow which will run

sounds totally amazing. the Ableton integration is unexpected and wonderful.


Hm. Isn’t that just the info that has been put on Github a few weeks ago? Any official statement about availability?


All that info is available on Github, and there’s more!

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@karst @doomglue @AlessandroBonino there’s no new news here - i just posted the info that is already available here on lines and GitHub, as people outside the monome community are asking me about Norns and whether it will be compatible with modular. That was the reason for posting on my facebook. Its because i post many Norns videos on my instagram, I’m getting lots of questions about it.


Can’t wait for it!!!


I saw that and rushed over here thinking I missed something lol


thanks - hadn’t seen all the detail. looks really really neat! Presume a PD [crow] external/object would also be possible?


Absolutely possible. None of the developers active in the project are regular PD users, so it will need to be community driven.

No release date yet. Rest assured we want it released asap, but also as close to perfect as possible.


Will the Ableton integration require a Norns or just a Crow?



As far as I understand, just a Crow.


apparently missed the github stuff and got overexcited :slight_smile:

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