Crow -- dreaming of


its black. like a… crow.


not that it matters, but it looks to me to be the same finish as norns with a machined relief rather than printing.


Well, my guess is (uneducated at best) that crow would be i2c master. Thus providing 200 gates/cv’s to the 301. Also I’m wondering if I read somewhere that it’s possible for a device to be able to switch from i2c leader/follower like Rene v2’s select bus behavior? I dunno. Always hard to find stuff on lllllines for me. Even when I’ve already seen it. Norns 2.0 sounds promising, though, insofar as pulls/ease of use…
I’m hoping personally that crow does something my shuttle control doesn’t do. So I can buy it of course!!

My dream is to be able to have a script instantiate recursion insofar as gate/cv creation in the 301, so you could have 100 sine waves be added 1-100 with just a trigger, but without first creating 100 sines in the 301. I know it won’t happen.


I wish all my modules looked this good


what y’all can’t see is that it’s not actually a plate— it’s a milled block with integrated angle mounts…

soon soon soon (says the person who begins shipping arcs tomorrow!)


All together now!



I feel like the shirtless man in this photo. I support this, I don’t really ~get~ it, but I want it, and I’m glad to be here.