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Random question, is there a length maximum for mini-usb cable that will work for connecting a computer to crow?

The way my desk (with computer) and synth are located, they are a bit away from each other…probably need ~15’ cable for them to connect.

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I will be ordering a Crow soon.

I am primarily interested in using it for m4l >cv and live coding > cv uses, but I am also hoping to figure out how to use it for i2c.

I’m not sure where this question belongs exactly. I have a JF, Ansible, and 16n. Where is the best place to start learning how these modules can connect via i2c, what they can do when do connected, what coding languages I need to learn to make them talk to each other, and how to learn those languages? And how not to fry my gear or my body in the process?


This thread covers it in depth


Thanks! I forgot to mention that I have a W/ too, in case that makes any difference…

Hi Ed, well good news is that i2c is a low voltage/amperage digital signal, so as long as you don’t go jamming your fingers into your mains outlet or start randomly plugging jumper wires into your rack’s power bus, you should be pretty safe from frying modules or your body. That said, it’s good practice to have your case powered down and disconnected from the mains when accessing the back of a module.

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@dan_derks Just thinking ahead, might be worth starting a ^^ crow help: MIDI thread, I suspect there’s gonna be a lot of interest in figuring out some options for that use case.


I took delivery of a 10ft cable yesterday for the same reason. No problems so far. According to this page the max length allowed in the USB 2 spec is 5 meters (~16.5ft).


is i2c Leader/Follower set automagically, or is it configurable?

It’s automatic, but only leader is currently working.
Basically crow is always following (ie listening), until it executes a leader-command, at which point it attempts to lead the bus. Once that command / query is complete, it returns to follower mode.


quick question re: i2c pullups. I think if i understand correctly that if I’m linking norns usb–>crow direct to just friends via i2c, then I should have to “turn on” the pullup resistors on crow. Earlier I connected everything, updated Awake script (which describes the pullup resistor bit) but I couldnt find where on the Params page, or system page to get to the “pullup resistor” settings. Is this a command line script kind of thing? Either way, it worked like a charm. First successful i2c experience I’ve yet to have.

awake pullups are not configurable right now, they’re always on.

but, we confirmed that this is generally not a problem if you already have pullups in your system (with TT or a busboard).

that said, i will add configurable pullup settings to scripts in case people encounter problems with particular setups.

Can crow store multiple standalone scripts, and is it possible to switch between them with druid? Or will it only load the script called “default.lua”?

Also, is it possible to run a standalone script with norns or max also connected, or will crow only run the standalone script if it doesn’t detect a usb device?

I just ordered a Crow and am very excited!

Question about First. Possibly newb/dumb but I have to ask…

I understand that First comes pre-installed on Crow.

When I want to do something else, say run some m4l devices with Crow, or live code with Druid (brilliant name btw), does First get overwritten?

If so, how do I get First back when I want to use it again?


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@eblomquist - I am also curious about how crow switches modes. My initial guess is that it is based on the usb cable being plugged in or not, but it would be good to confirm.

Regarding changing the script or if you lost First, it looks like First is the ‘default.lua’ script here in the crow repo:

To change the loaded script, we will use druid. See the ‘upload section near the bottom of this page’:

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I think you were responding to my question regarding modes :slight_smile: Though @eblomquist and I did ask similar questions back to back.

So I’m guessing “upload” will work by replacing default.lua with a new file. What I’m wondering is if it is possible to preload multiple scripts, and if there is any mechanism to switch between them without having to upload and replace the default.

I suppose in practice it would only mean typing something like “change-script” instead of “upload,” so maybe it wouldn’t make much of a difference from the user’s standpoint.

I’ve heard w/ mentioned in the various Crow threads, and I understand that w/ speaks ii, but I haven’t seen any details float by on using Crow with w/ yet. Looking through various documentation, I think I see what’s possible. I’m assuming that the commands available are the same as with TT, so with that assumption it appears that I can control with w/ with the following commands:


Am I close?

(Details for x values omitted for simplicity, but if you want more info, I got this from here:)

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I found this roundup in the crows: norns study. I got the w/ ii commands to work via max, haven’t tried norns yet, but I presume it’d work similarly.

W/ is at the bottom of the list.



Excellent. Thanks, that was exactly what I was looking for.

I was just using Crow to control W/ this morning. Works a charm.