^^ crow help: general (connectivity, device q's, ecosystem)

Hi, I’m just trying out my crow for the first time and am having some problems. I patched it up as recommended for first and no output. I tried connecting it to my updated norns and no recognition. I then tried druid, which does find it. Druid says that crows is running first.lua. If i try doing u clockdiv.lua or r first.lua or anything similar I get a [string “eval”]:1: syntax error near ‘clockdiv’ (or similar). One thing I can do in druid and that works is output[1].volts = 1. I can also do print(input[1].volts) having something plugged into input one on the crow and I will get appropriate readings of the voltage. On the norns under System>Devices I see MIDI GRID ARC HID which are all empty. I have norns version 191016. Please help!

Can you run ^^v in druid to find out what firmware version crow has? Before 1.0.1 some users had problems triggering First with triggers from some modules, because the trigger threshold on crow was set to 0.5V and some modules output 0.7V or so for a “low” voltage.

This usually indicates that no clockdiv.lua or first.lua file was found in the directory you ran druid from, so druid passed your input to crow to try to run as Lua (in case you wanted to evaluate something like u = 5).

^^v indicates 1.0.0 I will try flashing the latest release on crow. Still not sure why my norns doesn’t recognize it though.

Ok, navigated to correct folder and uploaded clockdiv.lua and instead of the response that the https://monome.org/docs/crow/scripting/ page indicates I should get I get the following. It also seems not to be working, even with an LFO.


You have updated both crow (^^v should give 1.0.1-something) and druid (druid --version should give 0.2.0)? To update druid just use pip3 install --update monome-druid.

afaik crow 1.0.1 no longer outputs which lua libs are loaded, so probably still on 1.0.0

@pcnclghtnng first step would be to upgrade crow to 1.0.1 and make sure druid is up to date as well, see ^^ crow 1.0.1 for more details.

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I’ve updated both. Sometimes First.lua will work, but if I power cycle the crow it doesn’t work again upon start up. Also, when I try to load 3-ii.lua from the code studies I get the following:

Also not sure about the norns connection. Still not seeing it listed as a device, but maybe I’m not supposed to?

Looks like 3-ii.lua is supposed to be ran on norns with crow connected. Not from druid/crow.


Ah got it, thanks! I did a little more exploration and it looks like if I re-load First.lua after power cycle it works again. If I load another script up, like clockdiv.lua, it works fine after power cycle, it’s just first/lua that doesn’t work initially after a power cycle. I can also confirm my norns is recognizing the crow and ii is working both from druid and from norns.

I’ve been experimenting further, and I’m finding a lot of instability it seems. The crow studies scripts for norns seem to freeze up after some time. I can’t get 4-shapes.lua or crow-quantize.lua to work. I’ve also tried tehn’s latest MLR for norns that has an option to send out a clock from crow. The clock works for a couple of seconds and then crow and norns freeze up until I unplug crow from norns. After unplugging crow norns returns to normal, but crow will not return to normal until power cycled. I have norns being powered by USB. Is there a better thread for these questions? Mods please feel free to move this over if so.

for the i2c ii JF stuff is there a particular patch similar to the one in the video demo so i can confirm it’s working? When i select ii JF on Awake it does not track but patching it works our of outs 1/2

hi i am looking for some guidance too.
i have a case with a crow, ansible and a W/ & JF
if crow is the “leader” can i connect ansible,JF & W/ to one bus?

i would love a picture if someone has one

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My setup exactly…

So far I’ve got Crow wired via i2c to JF, and have successfully used the m4l JF device, which was pretty dope…

I’ve gotten bogged down at updating Crow to 1.01 due to work exhaustion and needing to upgrade my Mac to High Sierra, so I haven’t gone any further yet…

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do i understand that all three cables must be connected from one module to the other?

i am not understanding how to install the i2c cables i may have misunderstood a post and bought the wrong cables.

I think i can help but that pic is blurred

what makes you think the cables are wrong?

Here’s what I got
First set coming from crow to JF
Second one coming from crow to ansible
And then ansible to W/

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hi friends
i am hoping for a little hand-holding for the i2c cable thing
i have a JF and a crow, an ansible and a W/ in this case
is there anything special i need to be wary of?


i do not have a Teletype
So just crow to JF i assume?

I bought the recommended EDGELEC cables


On each of the modules you have, the pin ordering is the same starting from ground: ground, SCL (clock), SDA (data). And each module has a 6 pin header: 2 rows of 3 pins, so that this pattern is repeated twice.

sda   X X   sda
scl   X X   scl
gnd   X X   gnd

On Ansible I think instead ground is at the top, but the ordering is the same. You want to make sure all the SDAs are connected together, all the SCLs, and all the GNDs. Each module has two rows because the preferred way is to daisy chain: one row of pins connects to the module on the left, the other to the row of modules on the right. This helps to keep the total length of wires involved as short as possible.

Connect all your modules together and you should be set. You need to also supply power to the I2C bus by enabling pullups on crow (execute ii.pullup(true) on crow).


i think i have all the cables installed properly
When i run awake it has the option of ii JF but it does not send clock and envelope without me patching from the outputs on the Crow
should the i2c be sending to JF without being patched? and receiving gate/v8 via i2c?