^^ crow help: norns

That is the answer! :):slight_smile:


lol it’s kind of sad I’ve had the crow for a few months now and it’s sitting in my rack with my only other module the 0-coast without use. Humorous though. Thank you galapagoose

Hey juhbaba - Just seeing this now. I will gather my thoughts and code and post here shortly. :slight_smile:


Recently I’ve been using Crow for non-clock purposes. I’ve been using it successfully for MIDI → CV (with slew) and that’s really cool. However, now I need to solve an intermittent “jack fail” issue. I see there is a recent release Release norns 220802 · monome/norns · GitHub which gives more info so I’ll try that shortly!

Crow “locks” when connected to norns and freezes scripts. Need to restart norns, nothing in maiden. When connected to mac druid shows as disconnected. I have to restart modular to show as connected again in druid.

is there a script running on your crow? if so, you might try connecting to druid and clearing the script to see if it fixes things.


perfect timing, many thanks mat :slight_smile:

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i could have sworn this existed in the past but i can’t find documentation of it now, but is there a way to call two crows at once from the same norns? (via i2c through one ‘leader’ crow… or two usb cables to the norns…?)


Have you tried crow.ii.crow.help()? This works for me with one usb cable, via i2c.

My follow up question would be how do you call more than 2 crows? It looks like 4 followers are supported according to this changelog, but I’m not sure how to address them. Not that I have more than 2 :upside_down_face:

can crow generate clock? (no input)

for sure! outputs can be set to output pulses at divisions of the clock.

you can change the clock tempo using beats per minute. clock.tempo = 120.0 sets the main clock to 120bpm.


Being a happy owner of two crow and a norns, do anyone know if norns now supports more than one crow ? In the crow studies, it says that one crow is supported but if I plug one crow to my norns with USB and the other one is connected to this first crow with i2c, is it stil the case ?

Thank you !