Crow i2c not working with Druid

I’m having some weird behavior between my Crow, Just Friends, and druid using i2c. My script will not work when try to communicate with JF via i2c (via druid). But, if I connect Norns to crow the i2c connection works. Then, if I go back to the computer, the script works via Druid. If I power cycle it stops working. Any idea why druid would not be able to communicate with i2c but Norns can?

can we see the script?

Here’s the script (its from Trent’s tutorial video):

function init()
  metro[1].event = n
  metro[1].time = 0.4

scale = {0,2,4,6,7,9,11}
scale_ix = 1
level = 3

function n()
  for n=1,2 do
    ii.jf.play_note(scale[scale_ix]/12, level)
    scale_ix = (scale_ix + 2) % #scale +1
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Tried ii.pullup(true)?

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I think I fixed it. I had to add ii.jf.mode(1) to my init function.


ah, that makes sense :slight_smile: glad you got it sorted!