^^ crow: ideas

[borrowing approach from Norns: ideas]

ideas for scripts + functions, please post here.

include detail! the more detail provided, the better we can collectively assess the possibility of realization and how an idea might become a real thing.


I’m so exited to crow grow!

I would love a 2hp teletype for the small cases like the intellijel pallette case. I don’t know if this is more of a norns project, but it includes both crow and norns. I would love to make live coding more accessible on the crow. By that I mean without a computer and rather use norns. You hook up a keyboard to norns and norns to crow, and you can either use lua, druid or the teletype software. Druid and lua is kinda in there already, but maybe it’s easy to port the teletype software for crow? You can see what you program on the norns screen, just as on the teletype. The screen size may be a challenge, but that could be a part of the fun? The teletype has a small screen where you have a limited amount of space to code on.

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So excited about this, and I’m so excited to see what everyone creates.

  1. I think it would be great to be able to load Crow with single use scripts from Norns. So, using Norns as a script repository and loader for Crow. Seems like a lot of potential there and ability to swap out Crow “modules.”

  2. I would love to see most sequencing Scripts with Norns-Crow CV capability (and i2c for JF polysynth mode). Loom specifically–one of my favorites! Along the same lines as 1, I think it would be cool to load and save sequences to Crow from such sequencing scripts and boot upon launch without Norns (e.g., I have a cool patch saved in Loom, then saved to Crow, and then launched from Crow (without Norns) when clock is received).

  3. It would also be great to send out clock from Norns to sync sampling-based scripts with modular. I imagine Crow could be a great way to sync MLR with a Kria/Levels sequence running from ansible.

All I can think of now. Will come back when I think of more.


Amethyst: a hexagonal Turing Machine Geode drummer

crow + JF + 16n

Clock + Reset into crow
6 rhythmic JF channels out
2 faders per channel: FILL and TURING PARAM
+?? on 4 remaining faders and 4 crow outputs

This mirrors a Teletype script I’m using lately and frees up the TT for other duties.


Also a crow expander. Basically a crow with no usb, only i2c, always follower.


simple one that i would love: crow translates kria to jf.synth mode. having crow spit out all 4 tracks of kria over i2c to the first 4 voices of jf and still having the gates and cv on the front panel to use those same values for whatever other stuff.


No other i2c modules here, so looking forward to just writing little teeny tiny patches

  • Reichian phasing sequencer
  • microtonal quantizer
  • Quantizing analog shift register with voltage control of shift spread/key
  • 303esque env sequencer with some kind of cv over parameters
  • etc :slight_smile:

Hemi-crow — a port of O_C Hemispheres for crow. Either the individual “hemispheres” get loaded via Druid or it’s administered via a Norns UI. For more CV outs either we get crow chaining working or use Ansible as an I2C follower with Crow.


this would be spectacular.


the screens of TT and norns are the same resolution (and nearly the same part number!)

i can imagine some interesting norns-TT mashup ideas. for one, crow has only two inputs, so there could only be two “events” (which could be also continuous inputs instead?) but! you could have tons of metro objects.

so it could be a fun design challenge to see what’s most useful. would be incredibly easy to implement compared to TT firmware hacking

was discussing this with @ngwese, it’s technically easy to do, design is slightly tricky

i will look into adding this right away— makes total sense and very very easy


i’d bump this then


ah yes, that would be a superior method



This might be asking too much, but would be cool to also set the subdivision of the clock in Norns, too, for each output. Or the ability to create some Euclidean triggers matched to the BPM. Or random/chance gates. That’s a lot of functionality, but any of that would be cool . . . .

. . . . And now that I think about it, it might be cool to just have a stand-alone script for Norns that sends triggers and LFOs like Pam’s New Workout through the Crow outputs. Very simple, but would but would be so handy!


@Dan_Derks This might be a dumb question, but will there be a less concepts script for standalone crow?

That’d rule!


Kind of related, I’m planning on updating Norns meadowphysics to output via just friends when my Crow arrives.


Any chance this could be an example using the new clock routines? I still
haven’t gotten test scripts working with those And would love to see some more examples.

hell yea!!!

Would this also work the other way round - syncing Norns to/from the modular clock? For various practical reasons and how everything is set up, I would not want Norns to be the main clock in my studio.

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It would be great to collect examples of low level functions that we might expect to see in other modules. Comparators, rectifiers, logic ops, sequential switches, etc. These could be useful as building blocks for more complex scripts / functions.


Yep I agree; I’d like to see just simple scripts for Druid for utility type functions e.g:

  • Shift register (CV and Trig In, Four CV outs).

  • Sample and Hold (CV and Trig In, S+H out, Quantised S+H out, Random out, etc.)

  • Simple 8 step sequencer (CV on input 1, if present, is read and assigned to 8 steps which are stepped/scanned through with Trig/CV on input 2).

  • Simple clock divider (Clock to input 1, Divide ratios on Input 2, clock divisions on outputs).

Just simple scripts in Druid like those above that would be a good start, and could be a nice intro for Crow/Code newbies.