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I tried changing the shiftregister script as well, with the intention of making it two voices instead of four, to use for hocketing purposes with my Furthrr Generator.

Before taking the time to dive into learning the language I started by guessing- changing places where I saw “for n=1,4 do” and replacing it with “for n=1,2 do.”

This seemed to work at first, but then I was getting behavior I didn’t expect- both CV values at the outputs were changing with every clock pulse, as opposed to my desired behavior of one voice updating and holding, then the other updating and holding, etc.

Would greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction, as well as how I might go about making the newly unused remaining 2 outputs operate as gate outputs for each individual voice, for triggering envelopes.

That worked!
I updated the directory and also noticed I typed functions init instead of function init.
Now that it’s working I’m noticing some pitch mishaps. JF seems to not always sample the correct cv and I’m getting duplicate voices instead of the voltage from kria per gate.
Would this have something to do with the JF synthesis mode error of needing to delay the voice?
It was being discussed in jf strategies thread.

I don’t have any coding experience whatsoever, but I did have an idea today about writing a Norns/Crow script for W/ that would utilize grid directly manipulate W/. Would this be possible? I was thinking it would be amazing to have the grid control rec on/off, tape speed/direction, cue points, etc.

Crow can control W/ with the same command set used by Teletype. Currently this does not include tape speed or editing cue points, but you can toggle direction, recording, looping, and go to adjacent cue points. A script could probably also do some tricky things by making use of crow’s CV outputs patched to THIS and THAT.


Is there an easy way to make LFO (e.g. triangle) synchronised to clock input? I want to implement elektron boxes inspired LFOs with multiplier so I can quickly change lfo speed x2, x4 etc. By synchronised I mean it should reset when gate event happens.
Looks like it can be done using metro, since I need a way to multiply clock events. But I would like to use some ASL abstractions instead.

I made a script to sync LFOs to a clock. See this post:


Nice one, pretty close to what I’m looking for. What for is mysteryOffset though?

Heh. I found that my phase calculation was somehow off (so a clocked LFO wouldn’t be at the end of its cycle at the next clock). At some point I’ll look into it to figure out what I did wrong, but in the meantime this little kludge seems to do the trick well enough for my purposes. But I wouldn’t suggest launching any rockets with that bit of math…:smirk:


I’ve been reading the Three Body Problem trilogy by Cixin Liu. It’s a great series so far and really has been expanding my mind in some interesting ways—also giving me some musical ideas. What if there was a three-body problem simulator druid script? It’d be kind of like boids I imagine, but might be cool as a chaotic LFO generator?


Love this- I’m reading that book atm too!

boids was a fun experiment, but doesn’t make that much sense with only 5 actors and 1-dimension. I’d love to see more emergence-focused scripts that exploit crow’s specific hardware.


Has anyone written a stand alone Turing machine script yet? I guess First is kind of like that, but it’d be cool if someone wrote one where all 4 outs were different v/8 sources.

I’m working on some long form music with this idea and would love to use crow instead of Ornament and Crime for this kind of thing.


Check out the ornithopters script I posted somewhere (scripts thread I think); it can be used that way.

Might be good to give it some love now that some firmware updates have been happened, I think I posted it with the launch firmware.


Thanks----I’ll take a look and see what I can come up with!

I don’t know if anyone else is doing this but I’ve now got two Crows - one that is generally always plugged into my Norns (for sequencing) and one that is standalone.

Because I found the interface for hemispheres on my ornament and crime kind of fiddly, I’m thinking of using my second Crow for similar purposes - quantizing, random sources, building chords out of a single v/8. Plus maybe some weirder stuff along the lines of Sloths.


I’m posting this here rather than in scripts as while I have a script it’s mostly a WIP and probably needs some help, I’m ok at prototyping but bad at finishing.

The idea here is a bouncing ball script that can trigger something, it gets a trigger/gate in and sends a number of triggers/gates out based on a bounce algorithm.

So… feel fry to try, play with it, update it etc etc as long as you post back sop others get the benefit, add your changes to the header in the file…

bounce.lua (1.6 KB)


Hey, newcommer here :wave:- I litterally discovered Crow then bought a Just Friend yesterday, so this may not useful nor implementable.

This idea is to allow users to voltage control the grouping and scanning of the 6 JF outputs.
Mostly like this video featuring JF and RXMX:

I did not find the full API of ii.jf but I can that imagine some sort of a toggle method exists for each output?


1/ shifts the group of 3 outputs to be played. Negative values diminish number of outputs. The opposite after x volts.

2/ spreads the group of outputs by x interval. Offset outputs could be circled back instead of being ignored.


The outputs could be used to control attenuators, that would control the rise of a new voice when shifted. This could provide a finer control than simple stair effect.

Voilà, I hope it makes sense,
let me know what you think!


ps: @voidstar, do you happen to know where I could find
the full reference of methods you mentioned in your scripts?


great idea! the methods are actually stored in crow :slight_smile:, accessible thru druid. ii.jf.help() will get the full list.

more: https://monome.org/docs/crow/reference/#ii


I want to share my first experiment with crow: a simple script for generating random events & cv’s based on incoming clock and incoming cv. It’s called randomquantized.

— randomquantized
– in1: incoming clock
– in2: input voltage as a seed
– out1: pulses, random divisions of incoming clock
– out2: input + random unquantized
– out3: input + random quantized (quantized for octaves)
– out4: input + random quantized (quantized chromatically)

function init()
input[1].mode(‘change’, 1.0, 0.1, ‘rising’)
output[2].slew = 0.03
output[3].slew = 0.03
output[4].slew = 0.03

input[1].change = function()
v = input[2].volts
r = math.random() * 10.0 - 5.0/v
output[1](pulse(0.1 * math.abs(math.random(v)) , 5 , 1))
output[2].volts = r
output[3].volts = math.floor(r )
output[4].volts = math.floor(r*12)/12


Cool! A small feature that could be useful here would be to also generate clock multiples on output 1, by setting a sort of threshold on input 2. Would be great for ratchets!

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[WIP] I wrote a script called dangerouslySetInnerBernoulliGate. Imagine four logical outputs asking questions to an MI Branches, every time it produces an A or B gate signal.

I tried to document it here:

It still needs work as I don’t currently own a crow, but I know for sure that the non crow-related code works :blush:If anyone feels brave enough to read my code and adapt it to their existing crow, that would be truly, truly awesome… I’ll clean everything and add more methods in the meantime, so let me know how I can assist you!