Crow Input Question (aka "Did I blow up input 2?")

I’ve been working a script for crow making use of input[2].mode( 'window', to select different states for my script.

I had been controlling it with a Pulp Logic Att-Off set to a range -5 to +5. Then I got the bright idea to animate the whole thing by plugging an LFO into the Att-Off. I put a Batumi Saw (-5 to +5) into the Att-Off but I can’t remember where I had the inner “magnification” knob set. Possible I had it in a position that sent +/- 10 into the Crow.

Current situation:

Crow only sees between 2 and 2.5 v or so on input 2, no matter where the PL knob is set. PL knob acting normally with other modules but I’m going to double check that with a few more things.

I’ve tried turning off and turning on, reloading the script I’m working with.

Path of last known fully functional (and now no longer functioning as expected):
Batumi saw → PL Att-Off (-5 to +5) → Winterbloom Hydrogen (buffered mult) → Crow input 2

Here’s what I’m planning on debugging (I’ve done most of these in a hasty fashion and will redo them more thoroughly now):

  1. Double check that it isn’t a code error.
  2. Double check functionality of PL knob.
  3. Double check funtionality of Winterbloom Hydrogen channels
  4. Recode to use input1 instead of input 2 for this knob functionality
  5. Order a new Crow :’(

Any thoughts or suggestions on testing/getting it running again?

This sounds like something you should probably email about. They’re super nice. Hope you’re able to get things working again!