Crow - MIDI over USB?

Hi! I’ve had a Crow sitting around for awhile but am just starting to actually use it. I’m hoping to write a Lua script so I can use Crow as a small MIDI → CV converter, with MIDI received over the USB input.

TLDR: is it possible to access Crow’s incoming USB data within the Lua scripting environment and/or a Max patcher? Are there any examples out there I could use for reference?

For context: I’m trying to clock Pam’s with an OP1. It seems like the conventional wisdom here is to enable “Pocket Operator Sync” mode on the OP1 and send the click track to Pam’s via a stereo->mono split cable. I’m hoping to avoid that so I can preserve the OP1 stereo outs for audio. And I’d like to take full advantage of OP1’s MIDI functionality beyond just clocking; ideally Crow could output clock, trig, gate, and v/oct separately (and the 2 inputs could be used to configure arbitrary params like transposition, quantization, etc).

I’ve poked around the repo and forums and found a couple things:

  • It was previously theoretically possible for Crow to receive MIDI via MIDI TRS on input 1, but it’s recently been removed due to bugs
  • As of 8/20, MIDI over USB is “on the radar” but sounds like it’s still not feasible

I’m really interested in this functionality so I’m curious, has there been any progress on this front since 8/20, and what would the roadmap look like to build this feature out? Is it even possible without a hardware update? (PR 388 alludes to hardware constraints) I would be more than happy to contribute to a firmware update but I’m pretty new to the Monome universe so would appreciate some guidance if anybody has suggestions :smiley: