Crow+Norns with Eurorack Clock


Straight to the point:

I have a Norns Fates I’m thinking of getting a Crow for my modular setup. (I currently don’t use the Norns in any way with my modular)

On my modular setup I currently clock everything with Pamela’s New Workout.

Is it possible to use the Norns with Crow and have them both synced to Pamela’s New Workout?
Would it be something like Pam’s sending CV Clock to Crow, and Crow sending this clock to Norns (via USB) and the Norns then sending (clocked) script information back to the Crow? Is this how it works?

Thank you

Yes. You can send a clock from Pam’s into Crow that will sync up with the clock in Norns.


Thanks for keeping it simple!

Guess I’m getting a Crow then.