Crow reset - possible without computer/maiden/druid

This has come up in old threads, but I’m not sure if this has been addressed yet.

I know that the surest solution for when Crow does not seem to be responding to a Norns script is to reset it with either a druid or maiden command which requires hookup to a computer.

Prior discussions have brought up ideas like including a reset crow command within the Init sequence of a script.

My main use case would be in the live setting where I have just my Norns and Crow and no laptop. It would be nice in instances like that when crow appears unresponsive if there could be a button combo or some other solution to attempt to reset crow.

Thanks for the input

Not a direct solution, but the next norns update has automatic resetting of crow at script load and on crow reconnection. So if things get really weird you can just replug the cable, though more than likely the other changes will have made the norns-crow interaction much more predictable.


Awesome. Thanks for the update.