Crow stops working in a Max patch after a while


I have a problem: I’m using Crow via Max on an installation and Crow is most of the time working fine, but occasionally Max stops sending data to Crow. Max is running on Windows 8 in this case. The problem doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the energy saving mode or such. Also the dropout seems to happen at random intervals and there’s no warning messages in the console. Once I refresh the connection on Max via the ’open’ button it begins to work normally again immediately.

Does anyone know if there’s a really simple solution to fixing this? One solution I was thinking was sending a periodical bang to the refresh button in the sub patch (as shown in the photo below), but for some reason the subpatch can’t be edited at all.

Can you share steps to reproduce and/or your patch?

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hey hey, sorry to hear about the trouble! do you have a patcher you can share to repro? (lol, literal same time @tyleretters)

if you don’t feel comfortable posting here, feel free to email

File > Modify Read Only should crack it open for you


are you on the newest crow firmware? tons have fixes have been made.


I’d downloaded the latest update but it seems I never updated Crow – this might’ve been the exact simple solution to solve the issue (I have to run the installation for a few hours before I can 100% confirm). Thanks all for contributing!

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