use norns to talk to crow


not much going on here. type commands on norns and send them to crow.


norns (make sure you’re up to date!)
typing keyboard


type a command, press enter.




simple and sweet! * caw caw *

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crow_talk is now available from the maiden project manager! :partying_face:


Soooper nice🎉!

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Is there a mast i2c list anywhere? I forget where to find it.

when in doubt, check the source :slight_smile:

It’s kinda ugly, but you can check the norns source which collects them all in one file. norns/ii_actions.lua at main · monome/norns · GitHub

Also, the primary way i recommend is by sending ii.<module_name>.help() to crow. you can do this in maiden with crow.send "" to get the Just Friends commands. If you want to see which devices crow supports, you can type crow.send "" which will print a list of all supported ii devices (which you can then individually query for their commands).

But we should make a list somewhere! Would be nice if it auto-updated whenever crow had new additions though :thinking:


That would be amazing! I was sorta deep in that section of GitHub when Crow went 2.0 and I was doing some fun Max integration with the TXo and TXi. But I did feel the difficulty of not having all of the commands and info in one place. The Druid internal help menu not having at the time been updated with all potential ii commands left me a bit deep in the weeds as well.

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i’ve pushed a small update adding a command history! :partying_face:

navigate with Up and Down arrow keys.


this might seem random but will crow_talk be updated to fold in crow v3 changes? especially with addition of public lib…does this change much?

tbh, i hadn’t really thought about it. but i am now :slight_smile:

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the thought just popped in my head :grinning:
no pressure but i’ll keep an eye out

WAIT i just looked at the code for the first time…it shouldn’t actually need revision since you’re taking advantage of how crow evaluates strings

60 lines of code and most of it is handling key input and screen output
that’s pretty genius