Crow - Use as a simple multiple?

I looked through the script library and haven’t come across anything that could allow crow to be used as a simple 2-in 4-out multiple. I know that’s a gross underutilization, but it would be handy on occasion (especially since I’m out of hp in my portable rack and can’t fit a dedicated mult). Does something like this exist?

Sounds like a pretty straightforward script to whip up. I’m very out of practice with crow syntax but it would be a great first one to try.

Something like:

out1 = (in1 + in2)


Each output could be a different combination of scaled inputs as well:

out2 = (in1/2 + in2/2)

(Again, syntax is wrong but it should be straight forward if you take a look at the druid docs, they may also need a sample rate defined for how frequently to sample the ins to pass to the outs)


Thanks for the responses. I’ve never scripted or coded anything, but this seems like a great way to get my feet wet. I’ll give it a go over the weekend!

@hypnosapien here’s a mult I wrote. It is really basic and just outputs whatever is sent into input 1 on crow. Input 2 isn’t used. There’s no fancy summing or anything:

--- active mult
-- in1: cv in
-- out1: cv out
-- out2: cv out
-- out3: cv out
-- out4: cv out

function init()
  -- Get incoming voltage
  input[1].mode('stream', 0.02)
  input[1].stream = mult_outs

function mult_outs(v)
  -- Set each output to the same voltage
  output[1].volts = v
  output[2].volts = v
  output[3].volts = v
  output[4].volts = v


Thanks for sharing this! This answers several questions I had.

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