Crow: working with iPad?

Outside of SSHing into a computer that Crow is connected to, is there any way to use Crow/Druid with iPad? I’m assuming not but I’m pretty new to iPadOS.

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Pythonista supports python 3.5, but I have no idea if it’s able to launch druid and I’m not at home to try at the moment, should be pretty quick to prove/disprove if it’s easy… but I suspect that the silence in this thread is an indication that there will be some hurdles involved.

I tried Pythonista, Pyto, and A-Shell. It seems like I was able to download and install all of the necessary packages, but when I try to run Druid, I get the message

OSError: [Errno 25] Inappropriate ioctl for device

Seems like something with the screen resolution with the iPad? Not sure.

Nobody’s figured a workaround to this? Looked up the error and it looks like Crow is probably attempting to figure out the size of the terminal window and can’t because it’s simulated within the IDE. Any ideas?

sorry this was never replied to, but as far as i know this cannot work with non-jailbroken iOS devices, which do not allow access to hardware CDC serial modem protocol devices. (such as crow and monome grids.)

like, i’m surprised you can install pyserial and pyusb in any of those environments. can you do anything useful with those modules on iOS?

I installed a-Shell to see what the current state is and to my surprise Druid and all the dependencies install just fine; still waiting on my crow so can’t test to see if the serial connection works but I suspect you are right. Also seeing odd behavior from Druid where the first command goes through but then subsequent commands don’t “reset” the cursor but instead append to the end of the last command. Still hoping someday a “real” terminal is possible in iOS as it’s sitting right there for TouchOSC…

the terminal part is fine. it just cant talk to the device. probably a CR is triggered by receiving something, so the REPL certainly will have a busted appearance.

(i should be clear that i dont have any interest indoing this myself, dont have an ipad, just trying to share what i know.)

apparently it is pretty straightforward to enable serial port access on jailbrioken iThings.

(not out-of-the-box, i suppose pyserial would need some finagling to use the objc wrapper instead of linux-style libusb calls.)

but short of that, there is no software solution that us lowly developers can provide. the only immediate, apple-approved solution would be some sort of hardware bridge using a MFi supported protocol. for example you could probably make something work with a little device that bridges bluetooth-rs232 to USB-CDC. yucky

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