Create and manage crypts for Arcologies by @tyleretters

I’m having quite a bit of fun with Arcologies, and came across a few situations where I wanted to edit/add samples to crypts without breaking my flow and opening the computer. So I decided to take a foray into softcut to roll my own solution.


Arcologies (not technically required, but you’re not going to have a lot of fun without it)



e1 = select slot
hold k1 = load sample
k2 = alt
k3 = play
alt + k3 = toggle loop
e2 = start point (coarse)
alt + e2 = start point (fine)
e3 = end point (coarse)
alt + e3 = end point (fine)

Save/load on last tab. Save will overwrite if the name matches an existing crypt directory.


v1.0.3 - download


I want to do some cleanup around the UI code, but I’m happy with the feature set for now. Stretch goals would be to add pitch/speed adjustment, which would require a refactor of the UI anyway.


this is a REALLY cool idea!
and will be very useful!

oh wowww. this is absolutely brilliant. i had one of those “i hope this does what i think this does” moments and yes. yes indeed. :100:

once it’s up to a finished release i’d love to add this to the arcologies docs. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m hoping to get the UI stuff reworked over the next few days when I have some spare time, and I’ll consider that v1.0.0. In the spirit of Arcologies I’d like for this core feature set to be stable, and anything else added later won’t affect that core paradigm.


i love it. let me know if i can help with anything!!

v1.0.0 is here! Really this is just a minor cleanup I wanted to do to get the UI using UI.Tabs from the API rather than my own homegrown version. Also I’ve been using it in this iteration for a few days, so I feel good about calling this “done” for v1.0.0. Always open to feedback and feature requests! This has been a fun project to work on, and I’m sure I’ll be adding to it as I get ideas.


Small release here for v1.0.2. Download is in the parent post. Changes:

  • Reload crypt after save. This gives a more accurate representation of the current state of the waveform
  • Add start/end position numerical display as well as the visual indicators
  • Move “saved” notification because of the above addition

been using the script quite a bit!
sooooo useful!

was wondering…since a crypt can only use 6 samples…why does the app offer 8 edits?

@tyleretters can correct me here, but I think crypts can have 8 slots now. At least one of the DLC has 8.

Also if having 8 constrains sample length, lemme know and I’ll put in a quick fix.

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unless i somehow missed an update it only has six.
not sure on sample length limits.
i’ve been using it just as is without any problems.

crypts can have 6 - one for each voice of softcut. yes, the “airports” sample pack has 8 samples, but only because i did not have the courage to remove brian eno’s original loops. i should’ve added a note in saying “there’s 8 in here for you to pick and choose your own 6.” sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for clarifying; I’ll push out another small point update early this week so as not to add to the confusion!

I’m thinking v1.1 should have sample repitching, with the ability to play samples concurrently or some way to test and make sure they’re in the same key and/or sound good together. Maybe grid interaction could help here. Let me know if you have thoughts on this!


you’ve done incredible work here. follow your heart!

v1.0.3 update is released to Github:

  • Decrease number of sample slots to 6
  • Increase buffer size per slot to 40s
  • Display relative start/end positions for each slot rather than absolute time in the softcut buffer
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