Cryptohelix - "Endless Paradise Online" - new album of repurposed sounds

A new release of late-night headphone music – my work had recurring, overlapping sonic and political themes over the last few years, which motivated me to collect them into one cohesive Bandcamp release.

My goal here is to have made something listenable and engaging, say while riding the train home from work, or while writing at home wearing headphones. The first two pieces attempt “scratching” a social media platform’s infinite feed to start and stop ad video sounds so that parts of the ads meet each other in unintended ways. Three other cuts involve catching sounds from LPs and juxtaposing them. “Mood Modification Room” Is mostly snippets from old cassettes, looking for new messages broken out by cutting up words spoken from different sources, with some synth pads to sweeten it in parts.

These recordings hope to break into the gaps between media sounds and its promises, atomizing and rearranging them to reveal a brief flash of unconscious feelings and distressing persuasion. These recombinations layer to ease the cozy murmurs of commerce’s power over us for a short time; reconfiguring it as sonic amusement, a harmless musical pastime, an inoculation of the mind.

Tags: #cut-up #experimental #hauntology #internet #samples #soundcollage #tapemusic #fieldrecordings


10 Bandcamp “free download” codes for this release -
(Gone) jf8z-6e78
(Gone) 6dnn-kupn
(Gone) zhav-6v7e
(Gone) m8w2-y9up
(Gone) 53eb-vzke
(Gone) afy4-uu9q
(Gone) rauj-ev6z

Used code rauj-ev6z.


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