Current ARC with EDW issues

I’ve just received my new ARC and have been looking forward to getting Electric Dharma Wheels running (again- used to have a push button ARC4).

  • has anyone else managed to get EDW running smoothly with the new ARC?
  • I’m having some serious issues; fairly quickly the ARC doesn’t seem to be able to ‘keep up’ with the LED feedback. - it quickly becomes visually scrambled and thus impossible to maintain control of the EDW patch.

Are there any know issues with the current ARC and EDW? - I’ve seen mention in the ‘New arc recipients’ thread only. - with no resolve.

Gentle bump - any interest in making an updated EDW ??
M4L version could be pretty cool!?
I don’t have the skills - just hope someone that does, might like to give it a shot. :slight_smile:

Or, soft/midi version of Ansible!?

i’m hoping to find time to port ansible’s cycles to max 7.

i believe EDW might have an issue with clogging up the OSC pipes. or some bug was introduced as max versions changed.

Hey thanks Tehn - that would be great to see and it would encourage me to start learning some Max. I’ve starting playing with some BEAP modules,…

I am experiencing the same odd behavior.
It used to work just fine until a few weeks ago, not sure what happened.

it was working before?

did you change anything about your software installation?

Yup it has been working flawlessly until the weekend. The only thing that is currently different on my computer is that I have installed Max4Live (not sure how the twos are related, but i doubt that is the cause) a few weeks ago.
ARC is now often acting up and crashing (i.e. not being responsive, frozen) when used hooked up with the computer.

Similarly, my Grid rotated the orientation automatically

I use the two controllers mainly with monome modules, but occasionally hook them up to the computer.

I am on OSX 10.9.5

E-mail with your order information-- you may have an early unit that needs a quick fix.

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Thanks man, really appreciated you looking into this.I have just sent you an email

any progress on getting EDW to work with current ARC?

bump,…has EDW really been brick-wall’d for new ARCS?..that would be sad and I might sell my ARC again.
Seriously, EDW is such a beautiful musical app.
Is Mathew D aware of this?
Should I try to message him directly?

You can find EDW as a M4L version here:

@stretta just uploaded it.