Custom Knobs

Hi all. Does anyone know where I can buy knobs For kodular gear besides Small Bear? Thanks has a bunch of different knobs!

Thumbs up for Thonk.
Also I’ve been happy with knobs sold by Rapid Electronics, especially knobs made by Eagle Plastics.

Thonk is great. If they don’t stock knobs you like, here are a few more vendors to check out (varying quality):

Make sure you get knobs that fit whatever potentiometers you are using (e.g. 6.35mm vs 6mm, round vs flatted vs knurled) and that sit an appropriate height (~1mm) above the panel (or nut).


Didn’t feel it warranted it’s own thread so I went for this one (also feels a little weird to be posting questions about something as maybe prosaic as knobs in days like these but – perhaps there is some everyday poetry to be had in small turnable objects as well).

Does anyone have any clue if – and if so, where – it’s possible to get a hold of the big unskirted knob that is used on some Verbos modules, like the new Foundation Osc and new Amp & Tone, and also on the Bark Filter and Multi Delay?

Thonk has the small unskirted and bigger skirted ones, but no-one seems to have the big unskirted… I’ve checked the links above and also looked into Mouser, but the search there quickly becomes seemingly endless… So I’m also very happy if someone knows the correct name for this knob.

not sure they have what you need but I was perusing Modular Addict’s knob selection last night and they are very well…endowed…at the moment.

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Thanks! Yes, I looked there as well. Nice selection but no dice.

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Does anybody know what knobs Bastl uses in their modules?

On the Bastl metal panels it looks like the same knobs Noise Engineering use:

If you mean on the wood panels then I don’t know.

I’m no expert but don’t Verbos use Buchla-style knobs by Rogan? If so, these may be what you’re after.

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sorry i missed that MA was linked above…

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They’re it! Thanks a lot.

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