Customs & import questions for monome devices

hi all,

is there anyone here from the UK who has recently imported/purchased a monome grid?

I’m trying to figure out how much I can expect to pay in import charges and thought someone here in the community may be able to assist.

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Hi I posted about this a while back but can’t find the thread at the moment. Pretty sure it’s 20% of the value but the post is quite cheeky in including postage in the value sometimes and I think I paid around £15 “handling charges”. I’m currently waiting to pay charges on Norns. Feels good to buy direct from monome and support makers though.


hey HatNames thank you.

Apart from the 20% VAT, do you recall paying much in duty? I think it’s only about 3.5% but just want to get a rough idea before I place my order with monome.

thank you

that’s a decent rough estimate. Note that you pay VAT on shipping as well.

Bear in mind there may also be handling charges depending on how it’s shipped - ie, what’s often happening is the courier firm have already paid the duty, and now you’re paying them back - and then they slap on the handling charges as a fee for sorting out your duty.

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Sorry I can’t remember exactly but 3.5% would be about £25? I don’t remember paying more than that apart from the vat. But don’t want to give you wrong info. I’d check my finances but I’m away at the moment. Good luck with it.

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I have one on the way at the moment - will let you know how much I end up paying when it turns up!

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Yep, 20% plus handling charge which can vary but 3% sounds about right (I think it increased depending on items declared value… I could be wrong).

The .GOV documentation is so hard to follow it is a bit of a guessing game really.

Just ordered a Monome and Ansible this lunch time (stoked… so excited!) so I will soon find out either way!

Haven’t lived in the UK for a while but when I did, I used to add 25% to the cost of anything I wanted to buy from outside the EU. That included VAT, import duties and the wonderful Royal Mail/Courier “handling” fee.


yeah that royal mail handling fee is nice. i once got stung on a pair of socks! what a fool i was :slight_smile:

Yep… ‘Royal Fail’ certainly don’t do themselves any favors do they!

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I think you’d be looking at bill of around £95-100 for VAT and then a £10-15 handling/admin fee for the courier.

Based of a recent delivery from parcel force for a purchase of a similar value. The grid might be a little bit heavier, so that may change things a little.

Hope that helps

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I usually calculate 25% of the original value and it’s been always pretty much spot on, at least for Italian customs.


I bought an Ansible and Grid; but can’t dig out the customs charges. If I remember rightly, VAT is a much more significant number here. An additional 5% sounds about right.

Ansible + Grid = £98.85.

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Just had the HMRC Duty Letter and mine comes to £104.70 (Ansible+Grid).

Not too bad really considering that buying direct means also that more £ goes to the manufacturer :+1:


Just back from hols and mine was waiting for me with a charge of £104 (for just grid).

Sorry for the OT, but how long did shipping take, approx?

Monome to London
Ordered 18th May
Sent 24th May
Arrived 5th June


Ordered 18th May
Arrived 4th June to my place in London

Charges were £100, and I had Ansible with the Grid too. Totally worth it!



Sorry to bother with such questions but I was wondering if there is anyone here in Japan who has imported/purchased a monome grid?

I would like to get an idea of what I can expect to pay in duty & import charges, would love to order one but looking at the charges in Japan it can sometimes cost upto 30%!.

Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated