Cut Glove - gamepad based live sampling and processing

Ok, after a year of development it’s finally done. Thank you guys who contributed feedback on the beta thread from a couple of months ago.

I wrote an (epic) blog post talking about the background, development, and technical implementation which you can/should read here:

Here’s the dedicated page for it:

The github:

And a demo video (there are three total videos posted in the blog post above if you want to see the others):


APM refers to the total number of actions that a player can perform in a minute. A professional StarCraft player would have an APM between 300-400 (an action every 150ms), which could spike up to 800. To put that into perspective, that is so fast that the rate of activity on the mouse and keyboard could almost be heard as a pitch.


That part about apm is too trippy

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Hehe yeah. When writing that part up I brought out the calculator and was like wtf!!! I think it was 17.5hz

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Loved how you acknowledge the deep links to gaming (beyond the controller use…the thinking, metaphors etc) and I was not familiar with fez or braid until now, so thanks for that

Gonna reread when I have time to mull…might inadvertantly be the greatest max lesson ever!

Heh awesome!

Man, Braid… I wish I could play it again for the first time. Amazing fucking game.


Is this the new version of the TPV? Or are you still implementing karma into an updated version?


similar yet separate apps

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I’ll implement karma into an updated TPV too. For some reason it’s still crashing in Max7, so I want to sort that out before I go making any big changes in there. The next TPV may very well be 2.0 since it will come with lots of new features and stuff.

i’m trying to use it with my xbox one controller without any success…

What OS are you on?

Does the controller show up in the system preferences pane?

i’m on yosemite 10.10.2 and i’ve installed drivers (colin munro + xone) so my laptop recognizes the controller. Max 7.

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Ok, so controller shows up in sys preference but not in cut glove. Do you know your way around Max? If so, can you send an ‘info’ message to an [hi] object and paste here what it says? (It should show up as ‘Controller’ or ‘Xbox controller’ or something like that)

Also a silly question, but is the controller plugged in before you open Max?

i’ve tried both ways. here’s what i got from [hi] object:

hi: hi 2006.01.04
hi: 5 devices
hi: Xbox One Wired Controller 0
hi: 30 elements
hi: X360Controller 1
hi: 27 elements
hi: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad 2
hi: 1051 elements
hi: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad 2 3
hi: 351 elements
hi: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad 3 4
hi: 66 elements


Do you have an Xbox One controller or an Xbox 360 controller?

Either way, try replacing this file in there to see if it works (I’ve not seen the “X360Controller” label before) (7.3 KB)

thanks a lot. sooooo. now it’s there. but there’s something wrong with mapping plus cg receives only half of data (it’s ok for the left stick but there’s nothing comes from the right; left shift acts like Y and the right one acts as left etc). i use xbox one controller. curious if this mess could be solved by remapping everything.

Hmm, is it a name brand xbox controller? (ie a microsoft one)

As I said, I’d never seen that label before, so it’s possible that the messages that come in are different. It would be possible to remap things, and you’d only need to do it inside the main xbox controller subpatch (due to how I structured the patch).

It is really weird though.

If we can get to the bottom of what’s going on, I can help you troubleshoot it further (a good place to start is opening the [hi] helpfile, connecting to the x360 controller, and then printing the results to the Max window so you can see what button/controller is what.

a microsoft one, helluva midnight forces one (le blue one with better mechanics). i’m not that smart but could it be a result of installing two drivers at the same time?

so i opened the helpfile. is “info” message supposed to send parameters to max window when i’m pressing buttons on a gamepad? if so there’s nothing except for “hi: focussing on X360Controller”, “hi: X360Controller 1” and “hi: 27 elements”.

Looking up the midnight forces one:

That’s an xbox one controller (not xbox 360 controller).

When you open the ‘hi’ object, there’s a menu on the left that shows the different objects. If you select the controller there, you can then see the output of each button.


i’m not that good in photo editing

a MESS. this is how everything acts according to max.

and there’s absolutely nothing comes from LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN.

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Wow, that’s crazy!

It may very well be the fact it’s another controller. Can you send a pic pic of your controller? Or does it look like the one I linked above?

If nothing is coming from the dpad that’s a bit of a problem for the patch, everything else can get rerouted.