Cut Glove - gamepad based live sampling and processing

Some progress. I had to switch to 32 bit max. Which requires a separate download.

All the externals loaded, but then the audio is messed up and choppy. I run mlr with no audio problems.

All the effects seemed to work. I tried to add the mp3ify, but I got a system error launching framerank.

For framerank download that linked a few posts above, and that should (hopefully) fix that problem.

For the choppy audio, what are your I/O/vectorsize settings? Or what does the CPU% read in the ‘setup’ window?

Cut Glove is much more dsp intensive than mlr, so it could just mean using bigger dsp settings (I have mine set to 256/128, or 128/64 when I’m using it with drum stuff).

Is the vector your buffer size? Anyway, I actually lowered it from 512 to 128 and the chopping stopped. I am like at 8% CPU usage. There might have been a problem with the interface not connecting to max properly. It wasn’t detecting my interface properly this morning. Maybe my hardware and software settings were mismatched or something. I usually keep my buffer at 128, but the fresh install of max probably defaulted to 512 without the hardware/driver settings changing.

The crash happens after adding the mp3ify files. Not without them. Do I need to put them in the externals folder or in the cut glove folder?

I get an error message that says this: can’t start because VCRUNTIME140D.dll is missing

and this error in the console:
error 126 loading external framework.

Everything seems to be working except the gamepad and mp3ify.

The choppy thing was probably CPU usage then.

For the mp3ify thing, can you send me a crash report ( A friend compiled the external for windows and I haven’t been able to test it in context to see if it works fine, so a crash would suggest that it isn’t.

If that’s the case, you can use a vanilla download of cutglove (without the additional windows_mp3 step) and lofi should work fine, it just won’t have the mp3ify parameter (it won’t even show up in the GUI).

For the gamepad itself, have you installed the driver from Microsoft for the gamepad?
People have had to roll their own Mac ones since it’s not officially supported by Microsoft, but there should be a native driver for it.

If you’ve done that and it still doesn’t work can you send an ‘info’ message to an [hi] object in Max to see what the xbox controller shows up as. I have it auto-detect all the versions I’ve encountered on Mac (wired, wireless, different versions of the driver), but it’s possible that the name shows up differently on Windows.

Sorry all this stuff doesn’t work right out of the gate for windows, I just have no way of testing this stuff other than messages like this, so thanks for troubleshooting!

No problem. I want it to work! Its another piece of tactile hardware, that I don’t have to buy!

Windows 7 automatically installs the drivers. 8 has drivers for wired controllers already installed I think. 10 has wired and wireless native.

Here’s the info for the Controller:
hi 2006.1.04
1 devices
Controller (XBOX 360 for Windows) 0
16 elements

To be sure about the mp3ify, do I have to add it to the cut glove folder or to where I’m storing my externals? I added it to the cut glove one.

How do I create a crash log in max? I can’t seem to find it.

It’s not showing up in my event viewer for windows either.

It doesn’t fully crash max. I just get those error messages:

System error: can’t start because VCRUNTIME140D.dll is missing

and this error in the console:
error 126 loading external framework.

The mp3ify stuff should just go in the same folder with the Cut Glove stuff. framerank~ lives in there since it’s not a general purpose external, and specific to Cut Glove.

Ah, so Max isn’t crashing. So that “system error” shows up as a windows popup or something? And the error126 is in the Max window?

As far as the gamepad part, try replacing the xbox_bpatcher file with this one. This lets you manually select the device to run. This should hopefully make it work as it looks like the controller is showing up in Max just fine. Hopefully the messages are parsed the same way.

But give this a spin and if it works, let me know what it says in the Max window. (7.6 KB)


Yeah max isn’t crashing. My bad I just mean’t mp3ify and lofi doesn’t work when I add the files. I get that system error in a Windows popup and the error 126 in the max console.

I replaced the xbox patcher. I have tried to different controllers.
It allows me to choose, but still no response from the controller. When I choose it enables the xbox button. Then the gui shows the left dpad being pressed and the left analog stick at the bottom left corner.

The console says
print Controller (XBOX 360 for Windows)
hi hi: focussing on Controller (XBOX 360 for Windows)

At this point probably best to drop me an email so we don’t clog up the thread with troubleshooting ( but it’s promising that the controller shows up.

When you say that the gui changes, does anything change at all while you wiggle pads or press buttons?
I’m thinking (worried) that on windows the controller spits out the messages differently. Not insurmountable, but difficult to figure out sans windows.

Would you be able to open up an [hi] object, connect the controller (via menu message) and then print the output of the [hi] object, and let me know what it says. It should be a stream of 2 numbers, an identifier for each control and then it’s value (ie 56 0).

i’m testing old max stuff which had broken after changing pc’s
decided to redownload some and troubleshoot…now cut glove FINALLY works on my system!

in awe all over again

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Ah great to hear!

Make sure you download/update the commits I posted from October (a few posts up) as that fixes some little bugs with presets and MIDI learn.

I used the links from here…apologies if it’s obvious but are the new maxpat files included?

Yeah it’s not obvious. Best thing is to download th 1.0 release version, then download those files individually and replace them.

Once I’ve made a few more changes I’ll package up a 1.1 to make it simpler.

I have been watching your latest videos using Cut Glove and got me thinking whether this can be converted to a Norns script? Now V2 Norns has HID support and the way Softcut works on scripts like Otis / Cranes / Mangl / Bounds live loopers it looks like the building blocks are there.


It’s totally on my radar, as that would pretty much replace Gut Glove for my own personal usage in this kind of setup, even if it is just a stripped back version.

I think softcut and karma~ pretty much do the same stuff (though I think some of the interpolation stuff was disabled at some point, but not sure if that was only for the norns-mlr), so that should be fine enough even if it is a quite different paradigm/approach.

The hard part comes in the mapping part. I would say 80-90% of the Cut Glove patch is mapping/scaling/routing of numbers with oodles of edge cases (i.e. what happens if you release play while holding record etc…).

I think long-long term I’ll have norns-y versions of most of my apps (Cut Glove, Chocolate Grinder, and even as much of The Party Van as I can fit), along with more stand-alone versions of all the fx (possibly combined into a “pedalboard”-type script where you can load diff effects.

I also need to check to see if the xbox360 (and/or xbox one) controller show up the norns as a generic HID device, or if they need another layer. (on my mac I have a driver installed for the 360 controller, but the one works via the generic bluetooth pairing).


That was for the supercollider version of softcut, when we were having all kinds of CPU issues. Standalone softcut in norns 2.0 is more efficient, has varispeed write head interpolation (cubic by default) and some other stuff.

The “easing functions” in karma are I think equivalent to the xfade curves in softxut, and the basically arbitrary way pre/rec levels respond to xfade position. (I should look at karma again though) I decided not to expose parameters for these curve shapes since they are calculated in non real-time. But softcut is pretty modular so not hard to extend with different xfade and/or interp selections if that is desired.

I’ve used Xbox controller on norns with no problems.


That’s good to know.

The easing functions are getting removed from the 2.0 version as they weren’t terribly useful, and I think came at a small cost.

I should sit down and have a proper play with softcut just to wrap my head around it.


@rodrigo, is there any potential for a simple max4live single simple version iteration of the chocolate grinder in maxforlive that a 64 grid could control? i’m sorry if that is far too specific. i just saw that you mentioned having modular version of the suite potentially and nornsy seems like could be great parallel for m4l. deepest respect to all you do :pray:

It’ll come at some point, or rather, something like it.

What it will more than likely look like is a core “karma looper” that has playback modes that emulate Chocolate Grinder, mlr, tml, audio tape, etc…


awesome! i cannot wait!!! is it likely to have 64 grid non-varibright support?

That’s less likely as all the TPV2-ish stuff has coded for 128s. The non-varibright isn’t a big deal as I have a bit of code that translates everything, but the interface and slices were all worked out for 64.

Will see how tricky it is when I get there though.