Cut Glove (xbox controller-based live sampling patch) beta

Thanks for the catch on sugarSynth. I’ve updated the manual (for the next upload).

About monome stuff, Cut Glove will be a strictly xbox-centric patch, with the MIDI learn in there for aux mappings and stuff. That being said, all of the changes in Cut Glove will trickle back to tpv. So the wtpa modules will become the karma modules as they are in cut glove, and the fx will be the new versions and have the selectable options/etc…

It’s just a big undertaking as tpv is so massive, I’ve got to squeeze it all in. Thankfully all the changes I make in CG will work, more or less, as is in tpv (minus monome mapping).

It does take up both hands, in a pretty tight/efficient way. So it definitely doesn’t look as cool as using a monome, or nearly anything else really. And because it’s so tight/ergonomic, it doesn’t look like much is actually happening anyways. I’ve got one performance vid done already, and will have another by the time the patch comes out properly, so you’ll be able to see then. But it just looks like I’m sat there, holding a gamepad… hehe

Another thing that was funky is my eyes. When I do solo improv, I’ll often close my eyes, or look at the percussion/monome stuff. Here, doing live sampling/processing, I don’t have to look at anything as the controller is super ergonomic/intuitive, so I was looking at the person who I’m playing with, but even then, I would listen more…

The name came quite early in the process. I think my wife suggested it. I just thought it worked well with the quick/compact, and obviously handheld nature of the patch.

The volume control for each loop is in the right analog pad (x axis).

The track is awesome! I always get such a kick out of hearing the stuff people make with tpv (and now this). I can often recognize certain processes and stuff, but here I can’t too much. It’s all the updated juju in cg!


thanks for all the answers so far…got a couple more ?s + comments

what is the fireball combo? i laughed pretty hard when i read that . i’m sure folks can google street fighter combos but it might be good to have a footnote in the docs for the non-gamers & lazy people like me who forgot

regarding volume: that isnt a parameter i can assign to midi learn? or would i need to dive into max to accomplish certain alternate schemes…not critical just curious

lastly, i just noticed the half press on the trigger section of the map

absolutely genius idea for a music application and, just like some of the games which used that technique, i imagine it’ll take a bit of time to grasp the optimal touch (based on sensitivity) but it will be worth the effort once all of this becomes 2nd nature

you were right
these controls are simultaneously deep & accessible

Hehe, I figured I should clarify the combo stuff. Here’s the updated diagram thing (this is now in the manual too).

Volume currently isn’t MIDI learnable, it’s just the analog control.

The halfpress stuff goes deeep. Took a while to work out all that stuff, and switching from one mode/state to the other (ie pressing left trigger to start recording, then pressing right trigger ends recording but goes directly into overdub mode as both are pressed etc…)

As you’ll see as well, I put a lot of effort/thought into the ‘blank’ state of the patch. So nothing pressed on the controller will make no sound, and when you hit play, speed/position/window/volume are all at default settings, it’s only when you “grab” things that you start manipulating things.


last question that comes to mind immediately…is there a way to invert the “handed-ness” of the analog controls in the settings?

i have a hunch that i might enjoy using my right thumb to control position + window. it might be cool to trade the trigger assignments as well

if not, no worries

No, not at the moment. It would take inverting a bunch of stuff as it’s set up so the right bumper + left analog = analog takeover, it would feel awkward if both were on the same side (right bumper + right analog).

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haha. Thanks.

That would be cool, having a split stream of causality. Some of the stuff that I’ll be adding later on will dive more into certain game metaphors (there will be a lot of ideas/influence from the game “Braid”, if anyone is familiar with it). There might also be some FPS/Halo/CoD-type navigation metaphors etc…

Yeah I’d love to know what you think, particularly if you’re already comfortable with the interface itself!

how many karma modules can you control with this scheme?
also, is there a co-op mode?

There’s 4 ‘page’, so 4 separate modules (2 more than tpv in this capacity).
Each one has it’s own pattern recorder, so all layers can be doing discreet stuff on it’s own.

The pink one in the UI is the currently selected one. You double tap the bumper buttons to move up/down a page.

No co-op mode, though that would be cool/fun in the future!

haven’t gotten the chance to try this yet, but as a long-time gamer i know i’m going to love it. <3 the fireball combo idea. props rodrigo!


that last one was asked half in jest but thanks for answering anyway…the other question would likely have been answered when i stumbled around with the controller testing everything out

most of this makes sense already but i should have a gamepad by monday

In this context it’s not too out of place though. It is definitely game-y in design and approach.

true indeed

i actually have a gamecube controller & wii nunchaku i saved to use for something similar on aleph

never came to fruition tho
cut glove is better suited for sampling + designed better than anything i’ve hacked together with bees so far

wanna see a video on this!!! sounds awesome man!

I’ve got one performance vid done, and am doing a second one next week. Gonna push them both out at the same time with the proper release of the patch.


its working so well i forgot this was still beta
if i find anything i’ll let you know

I’ve got an x-box controller or two spare. I might also do some adaptations to use this with my Logitech 3D Pro. I had written a midi controller patch for it a few years back but should be fun to use it here as well.

It’s probably easy enough to do that, as there’s a core subpatch that packs/sends all the messages around as "buttons x ", so you can just remap the core.

One big difference would be if the analog pads are “square” vs “round”. Some usb gamepads have square analog pad things (ie there are corners). That would throw the mapping off a bit as there’s some cool math stuff in there (Alex Harker worked it out) that maps the round (cornerless) xbox controller analogs to a square x/y space. So if you have a square controller, you’ll find that things will get double compensated for, and probably move around weirdly in the corners/extremes.

I highly suggest just sticking to the xbox controller though, as it’s cheap/solid, and eventually I’ll be talking to it directly with LED/rumble feedback, which won’t be possible with another gamepad.

so the controller will only work if connected by USB correct?
I just happened to know someone with a 360 and brought a controller home but I’m assuming I’ll need the USB adapter you posted

thank you for this

It will work if you have the USB adapter, something needs to plug in to the computer via usb (either the controller or the dongle).

oh boy… rodrigo you don’t happen to know if the older version of the 360 driver for mac (both my computers top out at 10.6.8) will work with cut glove do you?