Cutlasses - A Consequence Of Distance

Last December, I put up an open request for artists on Twitter to collaborate on a project inspired by the parlour game Consequences (Lines’ very own @dspk was amongst those who responded). I created an initial set of sounds using acoustic instruments processed through a palette of DIY effects that I have designed and built. I then sent these to the artists, who worked with them and sent them back, iterating like this until we had finished a piece of music.

Now you can finally hear the results!

Available on Bandcamp A Consequence Of Distance | Cutlasses as a digital download, or on the physical format making its big comeback - CD! Housed in a lovely hand-assembled laser cut case. All profits donated to charities to help arts venues struggling post Covid and fighting Climate Change.

If you’d like to know more about the DIY devices used, you can read more here Cutlasses » DIY Devices


Some of the images from the booklet, showing the gear used to create the initial audio material which seeded the project.


This is soooooo good!! I’m only on Track 2 (which actually put a smile on my face!), but best believe I’ll pick this up on BCF. The production is excellent, by the way, really great release.

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Thanks so much! Was it the massive bass that made you smile? I can’t take credit for that, that was Frazer (Merrick), it put a big smile on my face when I first heard it too!

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Honestly the whole track: the bassline is fantastic, but I think for me the way the syncopated melody of those tinkling bells/synths complemented it (plus the stutters and sweeps) was just fun.

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