CV Modulation for Ansible?

So ansible looks like a fantastic module which is absolutely jam-packed with functionality but based on my limited understanding, it also seems a bit light on CV modulation capabilities. Universal modulation always struck me as one of the core principles of modular synthesizers, so i have to wonder: is this by design?

Is the idea here to encourage performance over programming? Am I just missing something?


probably because it is a module for generating CV which doesn’t really lend itself to being controlled further than by what you do with an arc or grid.

i tend to think of it as an input + performance gateway, where modulation begins.

that said, using the two gate inputs to impart friction + force in arc/cycles mode is :ok_hand:

once i get the TT parameter modulation (grrrrrr apologies for the delay) these ansible modes will tie nicely into a bigger matrix.

but yes, as others have said my approach has been fundamentally about gestural control on external interfaces.