Cv4live - control live from your modular system

hey guys, iftah from skinnerbox writing, its been a while :slight_smile: so since there are alot of euro / modular users around here i guess it might interest one or another, alongside our update of Time & Timbre we also release a free m4l pack titled CV4LIVE which allows you use CV and trigger signals to control practically anything within ableton live(modulate any given parameter, sync live´s clock to your modular system, fire up clips and more). it operates in high resolution (roughly 16bit) and great timing - also notable: it does not require any extra hardware other than a soundcard and some kind of oscillating module. this transforms live into a very very powerful digital module. here´s a demo video:

you can grab it here:


Can’t wait to try! All your m4l devices have been amazing, and this sure is a hole needs filled.

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Very impressive. Looking forward to trying this.

This software is the missing link I needed to make the leap to monome modular without feeling like I need to complete my case before I can do anything useful. Getting very excited for the arrival of those modules!


hey friends, updated download link…

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