You are so right. The pandemic is slowing all productions down now. It’s a close race!

Cyberdeck vibes:


maybe bela is your friend :slight_smile:


OK I’m going to build one. I have a pi 3 and realized it would be relatively simple to get a 7.5" touchscreen display and house it in a cute/ chunky format (maybe wood??) with a carrying handle/ removable battery to use as a typing and correspondence machine. Could see building a v2 with a pi4 and adding a sim card/ using it to replace most cell phone functions.

I really wanted to build it with epaper but I’m afraid the refresh rates on those displays aren’t quite fast enough for the application I’m aiming for.

It’s definitely possible to run external e-ink displays for reading though.


I still haven’t pulled the trigger on a Pi4, but this caught my eye recently:

I had been interested in the prospect of a mechanical keyboard with a Pi embedded, and though I was thinking that a Compute module would be the way to go, I imagine the 400 would prove more ideal (or more readily adaptable) for such a project.

I bring it up here, because this model seems uniquely ideal for cyberdeck builds, which very often already embed the Pi in the keyboard.


Was thinking the same. This plus milky tracker or deflemask would be pretty cool. Or paired with norns and Yggdrasil v1.0.5


Not exactly a cyber deck but not far off?

(iPad mini 2 with Atreus keyboard and camera connector kit to plug keyboard in)

Maybe just need some custom housing


Wow. I didn’t actually know of this idea / trend / niche before… It’s kind of in line with a lot of things what I idly plan myself and never get done (plus a big Gibson fan as well, just re-read the first two trilogies last winter). There’s enough inspiration in this thread to almost move it to “plan it properly and get it done” list.

(Full disclosure: I’m still not particularly fond of 3d printing and things made of laser cut acrylic, but then again, milling, sawing and so on is fun and one can use other materials as well…)

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i have this same setup! where did you get the green keycaps?

Um the unfortunate name of this company is Pimp My Keyboard. Lots of options on their website.


This one can switch on the fly between a NUC and a Raspberry Pi on the fly. Seems like an interesting approach that would lend well to running one headless with the convenience of direct access on the fly.


Re: the idea of music-decks, I just found this:

Looks like a nice thing to shove in a box with a Pi, and I think it should be possible to connect a couple of cheap I2S codec boards in parallel for analogue i/o.


That’s a funny synchronicity - I was talking with a friend two or three days ago about whether we should take something like this as a project, and I mentioned that mine would probably have one of the MiniDSP USB audio modules built in. I didn’t actually remember they existed until some weeks ago, and stumbled upon that particular model when I was googling for bare-bones USB audio stuff.

(Best use case so far, though: full-featured “hardware ORCA” with a 10" screen and built in MIDI I/O)


Someone posted the cased version in another thread and my first thought when I saw it was that it looked simple enough that maybe you could take it out of the case - imagine my surprise when I saw they had a kit version! I’ve actually been low-key looking for something like this for a while, though I don’t quite have a suitable enclosure lined up right now.

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I’ve been thinking about building a cyberdeck using a Raspberry Pi built into a keyboard with a small screen for a while now - primarily to run trackers and other music software.

Looks like Clockwork is releasing pretty much exactly what I had in mind but better:


wow thanks for sharing the devterm - this looks really cool. i love the built in thermal printer, ultrawide display and mini trackball. i wonder how comfortable that keyboard is to type on…


That’s really cool but kind of takes a lot of fun out of building something specifically for oneself (from my personal standpoint, that is).

Takes out a lot of effort and spent time too, though, if you just prefer something that works and to get working with it.

I get that. The fact that the hardware designs are going to be open is what tipped me over the edge into preordering one. The only real difference between the Devterm and what I had in mind was that these keycaps look to be smaller than typical Cherry mechanical switches, and I was hoping to include a DC-coupled audio interface somehow.

I figure if I don’t get on with the keyboard on the Devterm I can always make my own keyboard and case and keep the internals. And I’m hopeful that I can figure out an audio interface with their external module. Worst case scenario I still don’t start from scratch. Plus I love the ultrawide screen; It seems like a perfect size to look at waveforms on.


Ugh. I don’t need this in any way shape or form, but now I want it. The thermal printer is the killer piece of the puzzle for me. I’m telling myself that there’s no way I could survive with a 65% size keyboard. But stilllllll…

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This thing looks great, seems like a class compliant interface would work with it via USB or are you saying there could be an internal one?

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