CYCLE & PSYC03 demo


In this video I demonstrate CYCLE and PSYC03 capabilities.

Both modules are based on Teensy 4.0, connected together via midi jack in the back. My modules are based on Eurorack physical format but have however no patch cables in the front but rather midi and audio jacks in the back.

CYCLE is a modular monophonic sequencer. It is based on my Motherboard12 platform.
PSYC03, alias PerCussive SYnth 03, is the result of the combination of a Syncussion and a TB303, an acid percussive synth. It is based on my Motherboard9 platform.

I open source the code and schematics, and I sell the PCBs and front panels.

PCBs and panel available on Bandcamp:

Code on GitHub:

I also made other modules, you can check them on my GitHub and Bandcamp, I need to make more videos…