Cycling 74's MSP website circa 1998

I was just listening to this fun compilation from 1997 featuring music made with Max:バラエティーショー-/release/839340

There’s a lot of calling out of specific hardware, plugins etc in the liner notes that was plucking my nostalgia strings (I got started with Max later on in '99, but used an older pirated version for the first few years until I could afford the real deal…) and I started trying to remember what was released when…

Anyway, long story short! Here’s a wonderful snapshot of the cycling74 website from 1998, detailing the new MSP add-on for Max, and is generally full of lots of great 90s computer music nostalgia (complete with tables listing the number of oscillators MSP can handle on various laptops)


M is still around! They updated it in 2014 to work on modern Macs:

Pluggo was pretty much absorbed into Max4Live. Most of the Pluggo plugins are in this free package:

The bonus is that they’re open-source and hackable.


I sure do miss the tufte design principles in the original max/msp – max/msp/jitter 5.x :disappointed_relieved:


Max for live patches can work without live.


That old website is amazing. I first got into Max while at school in 1999, but couldn’t afford a licence so ended up going the PD route. I always got a kick out of the credits page for MSP “based on PD by Miller Puckette” and how MSP are the same as Miller’s initials :slight_smile:

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I’m def feeling nostalgic for this era, even if I was only a fan at the time and not a user. The other day I almost bought some old Japanese Salon magazine issues about “glitch-noise” with max 4 patchers in them


Along those lines, I watch this video over and over all the time:


this is delightful. just before i got into using max, which was v4 around 2000-01. lol internet tho

“The Building Blocks are over 60 Objects”!

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Oh, yes!! This video is so wonderful. Takemura is the best.

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On a similar old-max-patch note, it’s cool to see that the on;(do) netlabel still has these v4 max pieces available on their site:


Wow I love looking inside these old patches. Thanks so much!

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I love how they focus on Max while he’s clearly got multiple VCS3’s, a RE-201, and a full Doepfer system in there, along with a ton of other hardware.

It’s absolutely insane how much gear is crammed into that apartment

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