Cycling Delights - 0piel

In honor of today’s full moon, I humbly offer up my second release! After my first album came out, I acquired an Octatrack and my life was forever changed. Every track here was made using improvisations on the Novation Peak (with occasional percussion from a DSI Tempest and Nord Drum 3P) as the primary sound source, live-looped and mangled/rearranged/effected with the Octatrack, and finally committed to 4-track cassette on the Portastudio 424mkii.

My main goals for these songs were to explore texture and rhythm moreso than on the first album. I was often surprised with the strange and beautiful (to my ears) sounds this combo was capable of producing, and the Portastudio helped add an extra layer of grit at the end :slight_smile:

The title came to me in a dream and I’m still learning what it means—perhaps someone here has an idea.

I’d be honored if anyone here gave this a listen!


close to Opinel, audio cutlery?

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hehe, I like the sound of audio cutlery! that image definitely makes sense with some of these tunes

I really like these! were you sequencing the peak from the OT?

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@Anfim hey, thanks!

No sequencing on the album apart from an arp on Memory Debris. I mainly used the OT as a multitrack looper to record little improvisations, with the crossfader controlling the gain of the existing loops so I could decide mid-overdub if parts of the recorded loop would disappear or not. Then I would layer those loops with re-pitched/filtered versions of themselves and improvise over them again.

Very cool, props for using the under-appreciated pickup mode

oh gosh, I definitely have a love-hate relationship with those cantankerous pickup machines, but this album wouldn’t sound the way it does without them

Lovely work, @cyclingdelights!

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Really enjoyed it! Great release :dizzy:

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@gyu @encym tysm for listening :slight_smile: it means a lot! I’m glad you enjoyed it

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