Cyrene: a drum sequencer based on Mutable Instruments Grids

The dream is here! Version 1.6.0 (19346d0) is out. Available in Maiden, or as a ZIP File

Which arc encoder controls which parameter is now fully customizable however you’d like it. Defaults are:

  • Encoder 1 controls tempo
  • Encoder 2 controls swing
  • Encoder 3 controls pattern X
  • Encoder 4 controls pattern Y

You can also mute individual crow outputs via each crow output’s mode parameter.


this is getting even more awesomer with ARC support/integration. thank you for the continued development.

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This version it is certainly easier to map Arc. Very sweet. I think the only quirk is crow clock output continuing to run when Cyrene is stopped. Awesome work!

Loving Cyrene! any plans on adding the ability to record cut patterns? would be sweeeeet!

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Curious if internal per-track amplitude modulation (either per-step in ‘sequencer’ style or as re-triggering amplitude envelopes) is something you’d have any interest in implementing. I’ve found this to be a powerful tool working with generative drums, as it gives a rhythmic dimension beyond x-o (esp. as re-triggering envelopes, as in "every 3 steps, trigger this envelope).

Thanks so much for this – it’s super ill and honestly absurd that one can now buy a Norns shield for slightly more than a uGrids and have an even better version of Grids…

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Already in there! The Mutable Instruments Grids patterns have it pre-programmed, or you can customize it yourself: Plug in a monome grid, hold the alt key (bottom right), click any column in the track you want to edit, then the Y axis is now amplitude. Press the key to the left of the alt key to go back to the multi-track view.

Additionally, at some point in the next month or so I hope to add a Mod Matrix (a la Pedalboard) so you can use LFOs to modulate params like volume, etc.


Small bug fix version! v1.6.1 (d300c5c) is now in Maiden, or here as a ZIP file

  • Fixes a bad import which could have any number of strange side-effects, especially changing pages or using Arc
  • Fixes an edge case with swing, where it would slightly over- or under-shorten every other beat for some swing values

Been a bit too swamped with life and work to add Mod Matrix to this script, but it’ll come around at some point :sweat_smile:


Love this!
I’m new to Norns and was thinking about implementing MI grids as a “get to know”-project. Now I don’t have to :slight_smile:

An idea for improvement:
I’m not sure I understand the UI for using the Euclidean mode on tracks but I think it would be nice to be able to adjust the rotation parameter by holding K1 and rotating E1 etc.

Hey there! Happy to hear you’re enjoying it.

The full documentation is here: Cyrene | norns community

Under the “euclidean page” header, it shows the controls for the euclidean page. Holding K2 and turning E2 controls euclidean rotation :+1:


Hi, I’m wondering if there is any way to clock this script when using with Crow, besides Ableton Link. If not that’s fine Link will do, was just thinking in a setting where I don’t want Ableton to lead it would be nice to change a Crow input to be able to receive clock on one of the ins. Or if Ansible could be connected as well and used as the clock (and more trigger outs for the other tracks).

I am able to clock it via MIDI, so I think it will obey the clock settings of Norns (in PARAMS>CLOCK). You can set the clock to use your Crow (PARAMS>CLOCK>source = crow).


Hmmm, maybe I could run a Midi cable out of my modular into Norns then. Honestly, this is just a use case issue and particular to the way I’m attempting to use it with Modular generated clock. Crow has a Euclidean mode that is great on its own, I’m just unsure how to change patterns on the fly with it, and was hoping to use the grid for a more immediate UI.

As @NoraCodes said, all* scripts on norns can be clocked by crow: open the params menu, select CLOCK, and choose source: crow.

[*] The only exceptions here are legacy scripts which don’t use the system clock, or scripts which have no notion of tempo at all. Cyrene, however, is not an exception – clocking Cyrene with crow should work just fine


Thank you both, I totally get what you are saying. I however am not talking about using MIDI, but rather using Pam’s as my clock and getting Cyrene in time with that. I can set the both of them to the same tempo and its interesting to have them very nearly in sync like that. However to have them completely in sync and controllable I need to approach from another direction as you’ve both pointed out, with Crow driving the clock. My initial query was if I could make Crow the follower. If I’m missing something and being daft apologies. I look forward to using Cyrene some more.

You can also make Crow follow Cyrene’s clock (which is Norns’ clock) by setting PARAMS>CLOCK>crow out.

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All the options are great, it’s just that I had an elaborate patch in which I was hoping to clock a euclidean generator with a pulse, but I will use one of the many work arounds, thanks!

Apologies, I guess I don’t understand what your situation is here. If you’re using Pam’s as a clock, can you patch one output at x1 into Crow and use Crow to clock Cyrene? Alternatively, could you output clock from Crow and patch that into Pams’ CLOCK IN input?


I think the point that you’re missing is: neither of us are talking about using MIDI at all. Just crow & norns.

Plug Pam’s clock out into Crow’s input. Connect the Crow via USB to your Norns. Open Cyrene. Open PARAMS, click EDIT, select CLOCK, change “source” to “crow”. Now, Pam’s is clocking Cyrene via Crow’s input.

Does that make sense?


I can confirm that I have been successful in doing this before. both using Cyrene as well as other scripts as well. The universal clock update (whichever firmware update that was) made this so much easier.


You are all too kind, okay, so I should be able to send a clock into Crow and clock Cyrene? When I look at my input options in parameters I see Pattern X, Pattern Y, swing, chaos, and off. This led me to assume that the inputs were CV and controlled the changing of patterns, etc. Am I to understand that if I were to input a clock to input 1 on Crow it will sync? I am out of the studio or I would just try it.