Dadamachines Automat Toolkit

I just backed this to up my tinkertechno (lol) game. Can’t wait to use this with my JrF contact mics. Disclaimer: I’m friends with Johannes and played with the prototypes a couple of times, ama :wink:


are there pics of each toolkit?

i cant tell from the video what’s included in each reward

If you scroll down on the campaign page, you see the contents of the different packages.

Hey. You can check them in detail > high-res in the press kit > and there is a table which writes up what is inside after the 3 packages. If you have suggestions to make i better readable please tell me - i will change it!

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It looks very convenient.
Price is ok as well.
You can do this with an Arduino and a very cheap circuit, but the MIDI connectivity is a great bonus.
I would have save a lot of time for one of my currently running installation if it was out one year ago !

I was just looking at solenoids (after the Koma Field kit drew my attention to them) and this looks really sexy. Price is ok I guess, solenoids tend to be expensive… but I guess I’ll go with a Bastl Solenoid module instead, makes more sense to me and is cheaper.

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hey. you are right about arduino.
we started with a uno many years ago. but USB MIDI is super nice to have! and protection measures for solenoids. plus fuse plus short protection on outputs. plus only one power supply for actuators and MCU… yeah and connectors that are plug and play. we wanted to have it ourselfs for theatre and music production. this is why there is the automat toolkit now.

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the bastl module is great if you work with modular. their pricing is fair!
if there are more people interested - i talked to lijnenspel already. we should def. do a CV extension module for the automat.



I’d seen the text description but couldn’t tell the difference between adapters/elements without pictures…now I’ve figured out the problem

[quote=“nevvkid, post:4, topic:7168, full:true”]
Hey. You can check them in detail > high-res in the press kit > and there is a table which writes up what is inside after the 3 packages. If you have suggestions to make i better readable please tell me - i will change it!
[/quote]thanks, the pdf is fine

all the info I need is under the heading “inside the automat toolkit”

I initially checked from a mobile device (which redirected me to the KS app)
didn’t realize the docs are split into two pages on mobile UI “pledge/rewards” + “campaign”

That would be interesting, though I can get the Bast module with 5 solenoids for about half the price of the Automat’s S bundle, though that’s only because I intend to use it only with the modular and don’t really need the MIDI functionality. If I had to buy a good multi-channel MIDI to CV interface with it, I’d probably end up paying the same.

I will look into CV options the next days. I am more the MIDI guy. But the board dimensions fit Eurorack. And you can laser cut a panel for your rack. But i don’t want to upsell you to the automat board - if you need CV and 4 outputs are enough > the solution from bastl is really cool!

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I would be really interested. This + Teletype + TXo !!!

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Just to show how perfectly it would fit to my “Superstition Clock” :

I have some friends who want to have a sensor extension for the port on the side of the automat. For interactive installations. As well there are some who want to have stepper, servo and + more solenoids extensions. Plus wireless OSC, MIDI… etc
Looking forward to start some nice hacks.Talking to some friends from Music Tech Fest about doing a hack at machinesroom in london soon.

Don’t worry! You’re not upselling it. :slight_smile: it’s actually a pretty tough call, if this gets CV as well…

It looks interesting. All 12 outputs are synced to the one midi in signal. If I wanted a couple of simple beats playing fast at different tempos which would slip in and out of each other- is there anything that could generate this as a midi out signal?

I don’t think the outputs are driven by a clock signal, but rather by note on/off signals, aren’t they? I mean, it wouldn’t make sense to have them just do a 4/4 based on a MIDI clock…

right now it is - for Beats:

  • Note on/off: the output generates a “gate” signal corresponding to the duration of the incoming MIDI note.
  • Note, fixed-duration: when a MIDI note is received, the output generates a pulse of a duration in milliseconds determined by the user.

but there are a lots of things we want to have in the software and have build already. we are planning to have a desktop app for configuration. more on that sooon.


yes I expressed it badly.

anyway, a sequencer like the Pyramid could do what you are after. You can do both polyrhythmic and polymetric stuff with it.