Dadamachines Automat Toolkit


gas-ing pretty bad for this, gotta stay strong!

Let’s face it, likely outcome would be subsequent drumset acquisition, shortly followed by messy divorce…


anyway… I hate you, because now I’m seriously considering it :smiley:
edit: wasn’t talking about the divorce prospect though @rick_monster


just funded the kit without a case (– eventhough i’ve built nearly the same thing in crappy, ten years ago. damn comfort!)… johannes told me it comes with everything you need except a casing and works as is.


is there a circuit diagram for that benniii?


i have the thingies flying around here and i should have the arduino code stored in some document. will have to dig around a little, but i’d be happy to do so :slight_smile: any “section” (1, 2 or 3 below) of the instrument your particularly interested in? it’s basically made up of

  1. a little box receiving midi (clock and/or notes) via a 5-pin connector, converting and outputting voltages to banana-jack plugs.

  2. these (12) plugs are connected to (6) little sequencer boxes (1 clock-signal and 1 reset-signal per sequencer). each sequencer can also be driven / incremented by a particular note and internally be reset via banana-plug (as seen in this clip)

  3. via 1/4" jacks, the sequencer outputs its pulses to a solenoid :slight_smile: this has a pretty crappy little voltage converter circuit on it.

lemme know.

(edit ps: i how ever absolutely don’t mean to sabotage johannes’ project, finding it veryveryvery worth supporting. it may be no complex circuitry per se, but i think the time and effort you save using his kit is probably really worth it.)


do they have midi velocity?


I think I saw an Automat Toolkit when visiting the Elektron HQ last week. Hooked to a drumset. I was intrigued, but we talked just briefly about it. Then this thread appears. :smile_cat:

Backed. Looking forward to a reward size L in September.


The one I saw at Elektron was the PolyEnd Perc Pro. Seems a bit bigger/sturdier. And very much more expensive.


I think it comes without a PSU, or does it? I’m also thinking about just getting a board.


hey. the board works as it is. you don’t really need a case. you can use a power supply DC from 9V to 24V depending on what you want to run. As well you can run it from battery packs if you build installations outdoor. I will push out documentation on these topics. > the board in the campaign is just the board - without power supply.


Has anyone received anything yet? There was talk from kickstarter of delivery by christmas…but that didnt happen for me.


Same, still waiting for that package to arrive. It’s a small operation and early doors for them, there was a post on the site saying loads of materials had arrived so fingers crossed they ought to start shipping soon.

On the positive side, this project is going to eat time, there’s nothing in your house/studio that can’t be midi triggered. It’s like the first time you got a sampler and spent weeks running round the house dinging things and pitching it down (obviously).

While it’s not here yet get whatever it it you ought to be doing done.


@Zedkah Johannes from dadamachines here. I am sorry that everything is delayed. I wrote another update on kickstarter on 5th of january explaining the situation. Last week shipping finally started. But I just got my unit yesterday. And my production partner is still working on the fullfillment. I hope that all of you get their machines very soon. Production was quite a Marathon and i am looking forward to work on new things. Content, extensions,… do events where we can hack together etc.

Cheers, J



Great to hear that the posting out has started. What country are you shipping from? Looking forward to playing with this a lot.




@Zedkah My partner is shipping from Germany. They are in Leinefelde, a small town in Thuringia - 300+km from Berlin. And i don’t want to say too much but i am pleased by the quality we reached for the hardware. Curious to hear what you think!



My board arrived today, looks good. I use it yet as I havent got power supply or the right plugs for the outputs.I have got a collection of motors solonoids and vibrators to get playing. will let you know how I get on.


Mine has landed - looks like it’s going to be super fun.

Does anyone know the correct way to wire the solenoids?


Is it possible to buy it somewhere ? I don’t find any link :frowning:


Here’s a video of dadamachines driven by this sequencer, written in ChucK. This was mostly an experiment, to make sure I had my technological ducks in a row. I plan to make another video that will make the sequencer controls clearer, probably after I make some further changes.

(Not sure if there’s a way to link posts in other Discourse forums. I just posted this at the dadamachines forum – those of you who are in both places, please forgive the duplication.)



Does anyone know if something like this can also drive ERM motors? (standard offset weight vibration motors)

I’m thinking of using this as a brain/core for a haptic feedback improvement to my dfscore system/idea.

I sent them an email a few weeks ago but never heard back…