Daedelus Mlr Pure Data

Im desperate to understand Deadelus’s work flow.
I understand he uses Mlr. I cant successfully have the mlr running without bugs on the most current OS Im using. Instead I’m using pure data to launch samples but I would like to develop this. When I watch Daedelous does anyone have an insight has to how the sound is organised? Is there a set list of songs…how are they match by tempo, pitch does the software do this ?

Many thanks


Last I remember, Alfred was using an old, deeply hacked and personalized version of mlr, and more or less tunes his whole touring digital environment around keeping it running. The rest of us don’t really have that luxury; for maximum happiness doing things the mlr way, the current consensus is one should use the Max for Live app [re]mix.


i would suggest understanding the workflow that mlrV offers. it has great for organizing files and such. take that information and figure out your own workflow. if you are trying to build your own organizational tool, try to figure out how YOU want your files organized and listed. reach out to people directly to find out what has worked or not worked for them. do you want files by bpm ordered together? type (drum, bass, etc)? length? style? when you are improvising, how do you look for files?

is it likely he has personalised mlrv himself? So far its not very transparent to me how hes interacting with his sounds…i am considering how i want to organise myself but Im seeking just to be informed as to how Daedelus is working.

I’ve been watching him recently, and o really want to know what he runs on his 64 grid. It gives him signal display, some faders, and if he holds the bottom right button he gets tilt.
Been trying to find out How to utilize tilt for a while…