daily rituals - a few stories, one where we all die

hello my lines friends,

I wanted to share my latest album: a few stories, one where we all die.

At it’s core it’s about how an individuals passing can ripple out to others in a multitude of ways and found moments - and after, how the subsequent reflection around global death seeks to contextualize the former.

These moments are captured in passing and sometimes without context, like all my stuff I find it hard to get out of my own head so it’s kinda you watching others through me.

My goal was to try for a more dramatic (dramatic for me at least) take on what I normally do and look to cover a larger range of emotional states while still being true to whatever developing personal style I might have.

This album also represents my first work with eurorack, starting from a couple modules and building and selling and swapping as time went. I’m glad I kept the tape running the whole time, I hope everyone does that.

Thanks for listening, means a lot.


Love the timbres on here

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20 characters of lovely

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Just what I needed for my too early morning. It’s beautiful.

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Nice, I picked up your Songs For Other People and have really enjoyed listening to that recently. (Shimmering Moods alumni represent. :slight_smile:) I’ll be honest since you mention the change in gear, I don’t hear a major departure here - which I’m very happy about!

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Haha that’s a cool observation. Almost everything has changed in terms of gear and workflow between those two albums - if they’re coherent then that’s a plus to me, thanks! :slight_smile:

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