daily rituals - patterns of erosion

hello lines friends,

i always get feelings of gratitude sharing music here. monome/norns and the subsequent discovery of the communities and fellow artists that surrounded were part of the foundation of me making music in adulthood and on my own.

because of that i feel easier sharing these markers of time. development, uncovering, struggling. i hope others feel the same.

patterns of erosion is a varied study on how things tend to loose form and identity when observed closely or over time. emptiness, in other words.

(the final track is also a loose nod to one of my favorite pieces of music - become ocean by john luther adams)

this album works with my continued enjoyment of mixing acoustic instruments with and through modular. nylon and steel string guitar and piano as primary voices. field recordings, contact mic, noise makers, hand percussion.

thanks - hope you enjoy.


i’m excited to hear this
thank you for sharing it w/ us!

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Just listened through, really beautiful, as always. The record feels really cohesive but I really appreciate each piece’s own identity. You’re so prolific, it’s highly inspiring to me :slight_smile: Excited to pick this up for real on Bandcamp Friday, assuming that’s still a thing.

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this was so lovely! It was just the thing to shift my perspective a bit as I trudged through the work day. Thanks for giving me that gift :heart:

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Playing it now in the office, rain outside. Beautiful moods.


A very unique blend of acoustic and electronic soundscapes. I’ve really enjoyed your two previous releases, and look forward to digging deeper into this one as well.

Any chance of these making it onto a physical format? (Labels should definitely be knocking at your door imho)

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thank you for the lovely words, too kind <3

sadly no plans for this one but you werent the only one to ask - i think ill try to have future releases include a physical release as well :slight_smile:

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