Dakim, Mophono, Asonic Garcia live San Francisco Thursday 12/13

I had the honor of putting this show together for Gray Area in San Francisco. Please come by. It’s going to be a really special show. Here are more details about the performance

You can get tickets here


Improvisational visual art will intersect and harmonize with experimental hip-hop.

The night’s first performance will be a collaboration between multimedia artist EToOto ( painting with sound ) accompanied by musicians Dakim ( Stones Throw / LEAVING records ) and Asonic Garcia ( SMART BOMB / HRS ). Utilizing sensors and custom pure data patches, EToOto is able to “ trigger when a brush touches with the canvas and manipulate the sound with the movement of drawing. In addition, cooperating with a color sensor module, a color of paint defines a frequency converted from the light intensity, and assigns it as a music key”. EToOto’s improvisational sounds and visuals will float atop Dakim and Asonic Garcia’s own distinctly ethereal style of ambient samples and percussion.

Following that will be a collaborative performance between video artist collective flatspot_. ( SMART BOMB / HRS ) and live experimental electronic musician Mophono (LIQUID AMBER / CB RECORDS / CTB). flatspot_. will be displaying their unique video feedback looping on multiple projectors, with synchronized rhythmical improvisation to Mophono’s Experimental Researches of Live Rhythm Electronique™. These include his media-as-instrument “skip on beat” vinyl records and “scratch control voltage” wherein he explores innovative techniques connecting turntablism and analog synthesis.

This evening was curated by Diego Mungia.


And one more flyer from the amazing pacific yew

I’m the wrong side of the Atlantic but it looks superb. Alex Puzzle was talking about there being new Secret Sidewalk material in the works so I’m looking forward to hearing what Asonic Garcia and the crew have in store.

Total random aside but I never understood why Mophono has never been distributed in the UK.


Oh right on! Love secret side walk. I’m playng a show with them on December 22. Asonic also just produced an entire project for the homie spote breeze. Really good stuff. Spote, Asonic and I are opening for Edan and homeboy sandman this weekend

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I need to hear all of this!

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This is tonight ! If you are in the bay, I’d love see / meet you there. Here are some links to get it hyped.

This set from dakim is a great example of what the mannequins w/ manual was referring to when they mentioned him

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Wish I was there, man!

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So great to see he’s playing out right now. Hope it all runs smooth for y’all :slight_smile: