Daniel Lanois on Limitations

5:16 – 6:50, in particular.

Such a graceful human being.


I’ve seen him play a few times and always great!

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I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing! I recently read Bob Dylan’s Chronicles Vol. 1 and he talked a lot about recording with Lanois. Those parts of the book turned out to be the most fascinating for me.


Thanks for the tip. I’ve had Vol. 1 on my shelf for a long while now and haven’t dipped in. Will do so this weekend.

It’s a pretty good read. It seems to me he has a deep respect for Lanois. That stood out to me while I was reading because he doesn’t seem to feel that way about too many people.

Also learning about his struggles to live a normal family life in the late 60s/early 70s was interesting. People really thought he was some kind of prophet.