Darkest Before Dawn


My name is AJ and I wanted to share my Monome set up story.

The excitement of finally getting a Monome was exhilarating, but I was soon deflated by the brick wall that is getting it to live up its potential. This may seem negative but it really is not.

I stayed up nearly 24 hours straight reading, and installing, patiently hoping, rubbing the back of my neck. At its peak the frustration had me wanting to whiz this solid button infested brick through my window. I have a normal Piano I don—-ok calm down. I understand it is not a Linnstrument. It doesn’t have corporate bucks and it is amazballs.

Let me back up and say I do not use Ableton, I think it is great, but I have always been a Reason person. Since Rebirth I was hooked and there is no leaving. That being said using the Monome in reason is no easy task.

I am running OSX 9 and tried to run the IAC route but was unable to get a single to Reason.

When all was said and done I have to use Ableton to get midi to Reason. It is nice that you can use the trial version in order to do everything for Max in Ableton. I am going to do a small video documenting the way I am using Ableton to send midi for Reason 8.3 soon.

Hi there,

Have you got monome_sum working correctly? It’s included in the installer and is a great way to make sure you’ve got all the drivers and such installed correctly.

After this - let us know which applications you’re trying to run and we can do our best to point you in the direction of a solution.


I do have Sum installed and can use without issue. I could not use my Monome with Ableton though without the addition of Max for Ableton, and an upgrade in the Max 7 runtime. I have tried to network my Monome_sum_1 out put to the IAC and I have it enabled but it will not push midi from it no matter what I do.

I can run most of the apps if I start Ableton load Max, Mesh, and what ever app. I then route the Max Midi out to an external source. This is pretty convoluted as I use an entire DAW just send out the midi, and at times can be glitchy. I have found running apps is not for the feint of heart either.

I just got Mark Eats Sequencer up and that actually does send Midi to Reason when I yoke it the IAC.