Darkness Retreat - online exhibition

I wasn’t sure whether to put this here or in Releases but it’s more of an event so…

I recently did the sound design for an online exhibition/project by UK artist Flora Parrott, curated by Legion Projects.

“In spite of my counting I found the room so different in the dark. I tried to reorientate myself, feeling around. I ran my hand over an old empty wall plug and imagined a universe of stars opening up on the other side. Spaces felt stretched in the dark, there was a slight incline where there was none in the light. The sink felt huge and round, cold inside and smooth, I tried to wash my face but the soapy water felt deep and thick. Everything seemed amplified in the dark. When the lights came back on again I was certain the patterns on the sheets had been bolder, the curtains longer, more dramatic. It seemed so completely ordinary in the light.”

​Legion Projects presents Darkness Retreat, an online project by Flora Parrott, made in response to a retreat the artist attended where she spent 60 hours alone in complete darkness.

It was a real pleasure working with Flora to create the soundscape for this project. Her work is beautiful and personal, with an open and touching narrative approach concerning the loss of a friend to cancer.

Do check it out if you have a minute, here’s a link to Legion’s website:



bravo, and absolutely gorgeous sonically and visually!

Was this made with A-Frame I wonder?

Definitely feels really polished and fits the medium, too

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Thanks! Not sure which software was used for the virtual space, was something the developer had wanted to try out and I think this project gave him the opportunity to experiment a bit.

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