Data Sonification Workshop in Amsterdam, 11 October 2022

I’m going to be hosting a one-day, in-person data sonification workshop in Amsterdam in October.

Data sonification, discussed in this Lines thread, is the art and science of turning data into sound and music. It’s often used by sound artists and musicians to generate melodies and complex modulation from real-world patterns, by scientists to analyse complex data, and by journalists to tell new kinds of data stories.

We’ll cover what sonification can do, the different types of sonification out there, what it’s best used for and which types of data work best in sound. We’ll also introduce attendees to an array of tools for making sonifications - including my VCV Rack sonification module. If anyone shows up with a Norns, I’ll also happily show off how to work with my loudnumbers Norns sonification script :wink:

The workshop is suitable for all skill levels. You won’t need any previous experience of sonification, music theory, statistics, or coding. A small amount of experience working with numbers in spreadsheets would be helpful, along with an interest in sound, music or storytelling.

Let me know if you have any questions! If not, then grab a spot at the following link - places are limited: